15 Pound Box of American Black Walnut Wood Cut-Offs - 3/4"-1" Thick pieces

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Buy 1 Box Containing 15 Lbs of American Black Walnut Wood Cut-Offs, Bowl Blanks, Turning Blanks.

Suitable Wood Cut-Offs for Turnings, Bowl Blanks, Wood Crafts, Wood Projects , Wood Carving


American Black Walnut is one of the most popular hardwoods among woodworkers in the USA. American Black Walnut wood is known for its easy workability and these Wood Cut-Offs are ideal for woodturners for turning blanks on the lathe. These Assorted Wood Cut-offs are also suitable for wood crafting, carving, and other projects.

These Wood Cut-Offs are supplied by Exotic Wood Zone. We have some of the finest exotic wood collections. We guarantee 100% product satisfaction. We are happy to answer your queries to serve you better. 

Wood Specifications

  • Common Name(s): American Black Walnut, Black Walnut
  • Scientific Name: Juglans nigra
  • Distribution: Eastern United States
  • Color/Appearance: Heartwood can range from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks.
  • Grain/Texture: Grain is usually straight, but can be irregular. It has a medium texture and moderate natural luster.
  • Air Dried: Yes
  • Moisture Content: Around 10-13%


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  • What is the avg length of your cutoffs

    Thanks for your enquiry.
    Averange length varies from 8" to 24"

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