Knife Blanks

As the name suggests, knife blanks are used for making knife handles. They can also be used for making lots of other small woodworking projects. Our company, Exotic Wood Zone, is well known for supplying a wide range of perfect piece for knife handles and lots of other woodworking projects. We are handling a large number of high-quality materials that come from exotic timbers such as rosewood, ebony, mahogany, Australian Burls, etc. We are handling rarest tropical export grade hardwoods.

Wooden Knife handles have been used, ever since the invention of knives. The knife blanks are essential to creating a comfortable touch and long lasting knives. Wood handles are used on every kind of fine tool including vehicles, instruments and ship’s wheel. Hardwoods are preferred for their fine taste and will be cherished for their unique value. Hardwoods complement these knife metals well and give a unique standard for your knife blanks.

Woods used for knife handles must be hard and long-lasting. It’s necessary to choose a durable wood which holds fine curves and thin sections. The selected woods undergo good working properties. The woods with closed-grain structure have minimum staining and contamination. Most of the knife makers choose stable woods to minimize the movement from wood handle to metal knife tang.

It’s the knife makers turn to select woods that glues and finishes well. The natural polishing woods shine out as pretty knife handles.