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A Mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. These words were emotionally quoted by Cardinal Mermillod. Therefore this mother’s day let's set aside the chocolates and flowers for once and give them something that will always remind them of the time and effort you have put for them. We present you gift ideas covering  1. Wooden propagation station - To keep an eye on her plantlings If your mother has a green thumb and tends to propagate plants at home then this wooden propagation station would make her...

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What is woodworking? Woodworking is the art of turning various forms of wood into accessible and useful items. Woodworking started as a profession, but it has since evolved into a hobby. People are learning how to work with wood in increasing numbers to make everything from basic wooden frames and cutlery to intricate wooden furniture and dog houses. If you are keen on knowing the many possibilities you can discover with wood and woodworking keep reading.  Types of woodworking Throughout ancient history wood has been used for various purposes and has become a very important part of our lives. Humans...

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Tone woods are the woods used to make guitars, particularly acoustic guitars, and they have a huge impact on the sound and price of an instrument. Different woods have different sound qualities, particularly when used for an acoustic guitar's top, which is the instrument's most important wooden tonal feature.

However, when it comes to acoustic guitars, the wood configuration is arguably more essential. If you take electronics and hardware out of the equation, the wood choices for the body, neck, and fretboard account for upwards of 90% of the construction of an acoustic guitar, and they're almost entirely responsible for the way an acoustic guitar sounds. Nowadays, acoustic guitar manufacturers use a wealth of different wood types, with exotic and alternative woods being used more commonly to avoid hefty fees and maintain consistent output

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