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Expert luthiers as well as novices think and research a lot about the body and neck of the guitar before making a purchase. But not everyone is much concerned about the wood used for making guitar fretboards. The truth is, fretboards are also as important as any other wooden parts used in a guitar. Let’s check the features of some of the best woods used for making guitar fretboards. Which are the most popular woods for making guitar fretboards? Rosewood Fretboards Rosewoods are one of the favorite woods for luthiers in making almost all wooden parts of guitars. This exotic...

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The neck is a critical part of guitar construction. Neck in acoustic guitar extends from the heel joint at the top to the headstock. Necks mechanically support strings and provide an excellent playing fretboard. Neck and fretboard seriously affect the tone and playability of any guitar model. The changes in the neck dimension whether it’s a small fraction or millimeter creates a noticeable change in the playing style. It’s essential to control this accuracy level while working with GUITAR NECK BLANKS. How Neck wood affects the sustain and tone of the guitar? Luthiers have different opinions on how the neck affects...

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Most of the Woodworkers love working with hardwoods than softwoods. Toughness, strength, density, durability, and natural luster are some of the few qualities due to which hardwood lumbers are popular.

We are going to discuss 5 beautiful and lasting hardwoods that are best for new woodworkers

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When you think that the leftover woods are messy and eating a lot of your work station space, then its time to get rid of them. And you can do way better than just throwing them away or burning them into ashes. You can make cool stuff from leftover woods or scrap wood and get paid for that. It’s cool, right? So in this blog, we are discussing 10 awesome ideas of effectively using scrap wood. Cutting Board As an essential part of every kitchen, the production of cutting boards is always profitable. And the best thing is, you can...

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Trees are always essential to make this world a better place. And their byproducts such as wood, root, extracts, leaves, fruits, etc everything is proven extremely useful.

Let’s check out some of the highly sought woods in the world.

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