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The guitar neck plays a supporting role in tonal characteristics of the instrument. The guitar neck works in such a way that it absorbs a little energy from the vibrating string and transfers down the string into the soundboard. Therefore it would be optimal to choose a hard and dense wood for guitar necks. In the end it all comes down to the type of tone you would want for your guitar. Wenge A black hardwood with chocolate brown stripes that is rigid and sturdy. Open grain, very hard wood with a rougher feel. With powerful middle tones and warm...

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Mahogany is a high-quality wood that has been utilised in the guitar industry for decades! Honduran Mahogany is widely regarded as the world's best cabinetry wood!! It's a long-lasting, dark- colored wood with appealing textures and stains. The wood adheres firmly to the finished product and is readily carved into complex features. As a result, Mahogany is a common choice for musical instruments, particularly in the production of guitar necks. Importance of guitar necks The neck supports the entire strings of the guitar and holds intact!! So, highly-durable woods are the way to go. People with smaller hands prefer smaller...

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Exotic Wood Zone presents some new products to make your shopping experience worth the while. The all-new multi-species guitar body blanks. Guitar body blanks like you’ve never seen before. Hence we have concluded to call them Wild Design Body Blanks. We have combinations of all types to suit your varied tastes.  Basswood and purpleheart This is a combination that can really bring out the purple color, which will be unique as people don’t normally associate the color purple with wood. The outer edges are going to be basswood and the middle section is where the purpleheart is placed. Hard Maple...

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