Perfect construction assures top-quality and long-lasting guitars. The way of constructing back and sides, guitar tops, neck and fretboard make a huge difference to the tonal quality. We ensure to offer wide variety of exceptional tonewoods that wind-up to be a marvelous sounding guitar.

Spruces, cedar and redwood are few types of softwood increasingly used in the construction of sound boards. Spruces are known for their finger-style and cedar finds its application in classical guitars. Classical guitars are well-known for their quicker musical response and broader tonal profile.

Hardwoods are the sustainable source of guitar construction. Maple wood is extensively used on guitar necks. Mahogany wood is widely used on tops, necks, backs and sides of guitars.  Rosewoods are well-known for the construction of backs and sides. Koa is a type of wood used in steel type guitars. Ebony has a lot of applications in guitar construction starting from fingerboards to tail pieces.

At exotic wood zone, we have gathered a wide variety of musical tonewoods. . Easily customize the guitar sets according to your unique specifications.