About Us

We stand as a leading supplier of specialized exotic and domestic woods, catering to the diverse requirements of woodworking enthusiasts and luthiers worldwide. Our establishment based in Missouri, USA operates from a state-of-the-art facility spanning 25,000 square feet for over a decade. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability and service excellence, we served over 150,000 happy clients through our website and our family is still growing. We offer an extensive collection of 50+ domestic and exotic wood species sourced from across the globe.

The Company’s strong presence on leading e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart further underscores our reputation as a trusted choice for premium wood products. Since our inception, we've successfully fulfilled over 10 million orders combining all our establishments and counting.



Our Story



Our journey, driven by the passion of Mr.Jockey Mohammed, began in Missouri, USA in 2013.His involvement in the wood industry traces back to the 1980’s when his father, T.J. Casper, established Blue Mountain Exporters in Fort Kochi, India.

Jockey's early exposure and experience in his father’s mill fueled his passion for different wood types used in crafting musical instruments. As he gained knowledge and skill in the field of wood industry, he went on to found Exotic Wood Zone, marking the beginning of a new chapter where he continued to carry the legacy of his father by providing exotic wood to customers worldwide.

In 2021, a significant development unfolded as Mr.Jockey took over the management of Blue Mountain Sawmill and Exporting business after his father’s passing, which subsequently merged with Exotic Wood Zone to become Exotic Wood Zone, India.

Currently we are supplying exotic wood products to several countries including Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the USA, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and Spain.

Why us?


At Exotic Wood Zone, we stand out for several compelling reasons.

  1. We offer best prices, ensuring customers receive the highest quality, whether it's domestic or exotic wood, at affordable rates.
  2. We are committed to responsible forestry practices and by sourcing FSC certified woods from reputable suppliers, we ensure that our products come from forests that are responsibility managed.
  3. We offer global shipping, ensuring your products reach you safely and swiftly.
  4. We prioritize customer satisfaction over merely supplying lumber, ensuring an exceptional experience with every purchase.
  5. We've committed to planting a new tree for every single order purchased through our website, associating with tree-nation.
  6. We source finest and best quality exotic wood from across the globe, offering different species, ensuring every woodworking enthusiast has access to the finest selections available.
  7. We are your ultimate destination catering to both woodworkers and luthiers.

    • Top Categories

      • Pen Blanks
      • Bowl Blanks
      • Spindle Blanks
      • Knife Scales
      • Stopper Blanks
      • Pepper Mill Blank
      • Burl Cap
      • Thin Stock Lumber
      • Exotic & Burl Cutoffs

      • Finger Boards
      • Bridges
      • Headplates
      • Neck Blanks
      • Archtop Sets
      • Burls for Electric Guitar
      • Carved Tops
      • Drop Top
      • Guitar Body Blanks
    • Top Species

      • Ebony
      • Rosewood
      • Ziricote
      • Cocobolo
      • Mexican Granadillo
      • Leopard Wood
      • Olive Wood
      • Padauk
      • Bocote

      • Black Palm
      • Red Palm
      • Honduran Mahogany
      • Australian Burls
      • Red Palm
      • Santos Rosewood
      • Snake Wood

    Our State Of The Art Warehouse

    Our Warehouses/Units

    Exotic Wood Zone - USA Store / Warehouse and Corporate Office1701 Macklind Ave, Suite 400, St Louis, Missori 63110, USA

    Exotic Wood Zone India - Head Office and Warehouse

    Ground Floor, 8/2549 , Panakkal Building,
    M K Raghavan Road, Pandikudy, Fort Kochi,
    Ernakulam, Kerala, 682001

    Wood Processing Unit

    Exotic Wood Zone (India) Saw Mill
    CC XX/1709B,Palluruthy, Kochi, 682006
    Mobile: +91 96334 88068, +91 81295 15391