Bridge Blanks

Bridge is a very important component in any guitar model. Bridge affects the total functionality and sound of the guitar. Bridge saddle is the basic and important part of the guitar which controls the entire instrument action. Bridge transfers the sound from strings to the soundboard of the guitar.

Bridge, bridge saddle and bridge pins make up a steel-stringed acoustic guitar. In case of a nylon string, it’s made up of bridge and bridge saddle. Bridge plays a significant role in holding the strings of the guitar in the right place.

As mentioned above, bridge transfers sound and it needs to be efficient. In such case, hard dense woods are preferred in guitar construction. People also choose wood according to their backs and sides or to the fretboard. Acoustic bridges are light enough, but seem to be fit in right place like hardwoods.

At Exotic Wood Zone, we provide plenty of bridge blanks to customize according to your specifications.