Guitar Headplates

Headplates are also called as Peghead. The main function of headplate is to house the pegs and hold the string at the head of the instrument. HeadPlates are placed by the headboards or machine heads. Machine heads are commonly used to tune the instrument by adjusting the tension of the strings. HeadPlates are similar to fingerboards in terms of their functioning. In most of the cases headplates and fingerboards are made from the same material with high-density woods.  

Most of the luthiers use headboard area to place an aesthetic headplate that adds beauty and unique touch to the guitar neck. According to the preferences of guitarists, holes on the headplates have different measurements. But, they always allot enough space to the chords to be perfectly tense.

Headplate is a very important part that defines your guitar. Hence, it’s essential to choose the best wood for your guitar headplates. Check out for more wood types at Exotic Wood Zone.