Neck Blanks

Neck is a major component in the guitar. It’s a long thin bit gripped with your left hand to press down the strings while playing the instrument. Neck projects from the main body and serves as a base for the fingerboard. Neck part includes fret, fretboards, headstock, turners and truss rod. The instrument quality is determined by the rigidity of the neck with respect to the body of the guitar.

Whatever may be the guitar choice, the ability to play depends on the intimate relationship between the fretting hands and guitar necks. The neck’s thickness is measured according to the varied range of player’s hands. The builder should concentrate on perfect finishing on the neck region to prevent from sweat, skin oils and other elements.

While selecting woods for your guitar necks, give priority to dense and rigid wood types which glues and finishes well. Here at Exotic wood Zone, we have a wide range of neck blanks at quality and affordable price.