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Poplar Burl Guitar Wood Carved Tops

Poplar burl wood is a light-weight wood with tonal characteristics similar to Basswood. The wood is bit heavier than Alder and the sound quality is well balanced with light inclination towards bottom mid. Poplar burl is a highly figured wood with stunning beauty. The grain structure is very decorative, making it a popular wood for guitar drop tops.

Poplar Burl is easy to work with hands and machine tools. It’s essential to carry sharp cutters when planning to avoid fuzzy surfaces. The wood glues and finishes well. The poplar burl wood is commonly available in Europe. Burl species are often sold as veneer sheets and quite expensive.

Wood species Poplar Burl
Scientific name Populus nigra
Weight 385 kg/m3
Color Heartwood-light brown and Sapwood – yellow to white
Texture Uniform and medium texture. Straight, irregular or interlocked grain pattern.
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Musical instruments