Achtop Guitar Top Sets

Archtop guitar is an acoustic or semi-acoustic guitar with a fully body and distinctive archtop. Archtop guitars are popular with blues, jazz and rock guitarists. These guitars have an arched top and back with adjustable bridge. Most of the archtop guitars have a sounding board and sound box. It has a minimal belly vibration compared to solid body instrument.

Archtop guitars have a pick-up which might be “floating” either attached to neck or pick guard. It’s placed above the soundboard next to fingerboard. Sometimes, the pickup is inserted in to the soundboard which renders a dull tone. So, it’s essential to select woods with high workability.

Most of the archtops were constructed with parallel bars, but today people use x-brace to improve the response from bass to treble. The archtops could be carved or pressed; modern acoustic archtops have lighter strings with medium action. Perfect choice of wood assures excellent tonal quality.

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