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White Oak Lumber Board - 3/4" x 4" (2 Pieces)

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    Buy White Oak Lumber Board Pieces for Cutting/Chopping Board, DIY , Wood Projects

    White Oak Lumber Boards, kiln-dried to perfection, are highly versatile and sought after in woodworking. Renowned for their durability and attractive grain patterns, these boards find common use in cabinetry, wooden paneling, and flooring projects. They are a top choice for crafting fine furniture due to their sturdiness and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, White Oak boards are perfect for creating exquisite cutting boards, including those designed for both general and specialty purposes such as cheese cutting boards. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional woodworker, White Oak lumber is an exceptional choice for a wide range of projects.

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    Wood Name White Oak
    Botanical Name Quercus alba
    Length Available in 12 to 48 inches
    Width 4 inches
    Thickness 3/4 inches
    Dried Yes, kiln Dried
    Moisture Content 6-7%
    Shipping Restrictions No
    Return 60-Day Free Return


    Note: This piece is a sample picture. You will get a similar piece.


    Are these sizes true sizes?

    Yes, these sizes are True. The Measurements that you see are what you will be getting. For example, if it says 2" x 2" x 12” then that's the exact size you will be getting. However, If you ask, it will be planned or jointed. Then the answer is no. It will be rough sawn cut sizes.

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    White Oak Lumber Board - 3/4" x 4" (2 Pieces) - Exotic Wood Zone - Buy online Across USA
    White Oak Lumber Board - 3/4" x 4" (2 Pieces) - Exotic Wood Zone - Buy online Across USA