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Premium Leopardwood 8/4 Lumber

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Also known as lacewood. Leopardwood gets its name from the beautiful flecks that cover its surface. Leopardwood features a light to medium brown base color with dark brown or black spots or patches scattered across the surface and is simply gorgeous. It's primarily quartersawn, which creates stunning leopard-spot patterns.Leopardwood has a medium to coarse texture with a straight to interlocked grain. It has a fine and uniform texture, which contributes to its smooth finish when properly sanded and finished. The wood often exhibits a natural luster, adding to its visual appeal. It is often used in furniture, flooring, and other decorative items, cabinetry and making cutting boards and cheese cutting boards.It has good resistance to warping, twisting, and checking. It is also a dense and hard wood, making it durable and suitable for various applications.Common uses are furniture,musical instruments,turning and carving.  

Common Names: Leopardwood  
Scientific Names :Roupala montana (syn. R. brasiliense)
Distribution:  Central and South America 
Janka Hardness:Central and South America
LENGTH 75" to 85" (Inches)
WIDTH 5" to 10" (Inches)
THICKNESS Nominal Thickness 8/4
(The planning/smoothing process removes some thickness)
See Explanations
GRADE Select & Better
How To Order Lumber
What is Nominal & Actual Thickness?  
Exotic Wood Zone offers some of the finest Exotic Woods and American Hardwood Lumbers. These Hardwood Lumbers are consistently dried to a moisture content between 6-8% and properly conditioned. 

About Lumber Sizes

Width: 5" to 10"

The price shown is for a random selection of widths within this range. If you need custom widths, please contact us. (We also provide straight edge rip for free)

Length: 75" to 85"

This is the range of lengths that we might have in stock. The length you receive depends on how much you order.

Thickness: 2"

Also known as 8/4,
8/4 lumber is a nominal measurement of 2 inches thick. (this is rough swan lumber)
If you need a planned and smooth surface, we provide it at no cost. (Note: the planning process removes some thickness.)
See Surface Finishing Details  
Due to costs, we will not ship over 7 ft in Length. If you need more than 50 board feet, feel free to contact us. We are happy to serve you better for 100% satisfaction.

How To Order Lumber

Choose the wood species and thickness according to your needs.
Decide and choose how much you need in board feet.
Now choose the surfacing options to get the perfect lumber you want.

What Is Surface Finishing/Planing?

Rough Sawn- The edges are rough cut and both surfaces will be unplanned. SLR1E (straight line ripped one edge )- one edge is ripped straight. SLR2E (straight line ripped two edges)- two edges is ripped straight. S2S - The board has been run through a planer producing two flat faces, but the edges are left rough. S3S - The board has been surfaced S2S first, then one edge is ripped straight (also known as SLR1E or straight line ripped one edge). S4S - The board has surfaced on both faces (S2S) and received a rip on both edges, resulting in a board with two flat and parallel faces and two flat and parallel edges. This is the stuff you usually find for sale in the hardwood section of big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes.
Note: Planing will reduce the total board feet you receive slightly. Moreover, the actual thickness may vary slightly.
You take the length x width x thickness and then divide this by 144 (if all measurements are in inches)Here’s an example. A Lumber piece measures 20” wide, 48” long, and 1” thick Then the board feet will be 20 x 48 x 1
Yes, most of our lumber, luthier products, turning blanks, bowl blanks, etc are all rough cut. We do plane body blanks and this option is added when you buy. We do plane them down at no extra cost.
Nominal sizes harken back to the original rough green lumber sizes. The actual sizes are sizes after drying and surfacing the rough green lumber on all four sides.
Nominal Thickness Actual Thickness (S1S) Actual Thickness (S2S)
4/4 (1") inch 7/8 inch 13/16 inch
6/4 (1-1/2") inch 1-3/8 inch 1-5/16 inch
8/4 (2") inch 1-13/16 inch 1-3/4 inch
12/4 (3") inch 2-13/16 inch 2-3/4 inch
16/4 (4") inch 3-13/16 inch 3-3/4 inch
Yes, we do custom size orders. But there has to be a minimum of $200 order. But again we try our best to help out in other cases if we can.
Please email at
Or contact us Here
Yes, we utilize a network of freight companies and are happy to arrange that for you.
Are these sizes true sizes?

Yes, these sizes are True. The Measurements that you see are what you will be getting. For example, if it says 2" x 2" x 12” then that's the exact size you will be getting. However, If you ask, it will be planned or jointed. Then the answer is no. It will be rough sawn cut sizes.

More FAQs
Premium Leopardwood 4/4 Lumber - Exotic Wood Zone - Buy online Across USA
Premium Leopardwood 4/4 Lumber - Exotic Wood Zone - Buy online Across USA
Premium Leopardwood 4/4 Lumber - Exotic Wood Zone - Buy online Across USA
Premium Leopardwood 4/4 Lumber - Exotic Wood Zone - Buy online Across USA