Goncalo Alves/Jobillo Wood Pen Blanks 3/4" x 3/4" x 5"

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Dimensions of each pieces are : Width : 3/4 inch (19.05 mm) x Thick : 3/4 inch (19.05 mm) x Length: 5 inch (127mm)

Common Name(s): Goncalo Alves, Tigerwood, Jobillo.

Botanical Name:  Astronium spp. (A. graveolens and A. fraxinifolium).

  • Pen Blanks/Pen turning blanks have several usages other than making wooden pens or pens.
  • Once picked-up accurate pen blanks will create excellent products such as spinning tops, beer bottle openers, and more.
  • With appropriate wood species along with pen turning kits and pen making supplies, vibrant types of pens can be created.
  • The color of this wood varies from medium reddish-brown with streaks of dark brown to black. It darkens with age though.
  • The grain of Goncalo Alves is straight, sometimes wavy or interlocked along with fine and uniform texture.
  • Despite the high density, the workability of the wood is not difficult and can be worked with machines.
  • Goncalo Alves has its usage at Flooring, veneers, furniture, cabinetry, carving, turned objects, and other small wood specialty objects such as pool cues, archery bows, knife handles, etc.
  • Goncalo Alves's pen blanks turn and finish well. Since it's moderate to work with, the machines with the help of exotic blanks work best for pen making and pen turning.
  • Apart from other wood turning blanks, which can make the wooden pen, it has its strength in pen turning blanks.


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