8/4, Ambrosia Maple Lumbers Exotic Wood Zone's Packs 10 to 20 Board Feet

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Buy 8/4 Ambrosia Maple Lumbers, Packs Measuring 10 to 20 Board. ft.

Buy Ambrosia Maple Lumber Board. This American Hardwood Lumber Board has 8/4 thickness and comes with 10 Board Ft Pack. This lumber is suitable for all your woodworking processes.

Board Feet 10 to 20 bd. ft. with free shipping (Please contact us If you need more quantity/packages)
Moisture Consistently Kiln-dried to a moisture content between 6-8% and properly conditioned.
Width 3" to 9" (Inches ) wide
Length 4' to 7' (Feet) lengths
Nominal Thickness  8/4"
Grade Number 1 Common (No.1C) Grade
Wane Minimal wane
Planed Thickness*

Note - All our lumber will be rough cut only. Due to a shortage of employees, we are unable to plane it at this time


Very minimal end cracks. Minimal pin knots on better face allowed. 1/4” sound knot on bad face. No splits, cracks or checking.

A rough edge is no good for running against a table saw fence. A straight line rip puts a true edge on the board so you can run it against a table saw fence and cut the pieces you need.
Note: A straight line rip is also performed after measuring the board. The rip will remove 1/16" to 1/8" from the width of the board.

*Please note that all our lumber will be shipped rough-cut.  We can sand them if specially requested by email. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me. You can write to me personally at jockey@exoticwoodzone.com. Or check here


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