Woodworking Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Woodworking Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Shahida kvp

Valentine's day is around the corner and this is the perfect time to surprise your loved one with a handmade personalized gift. There is something personal and meaningful about a gift that you took t time to make yourself. Confused about what you should make? No worries, we have got you! Here are 10 woodworking gift ideas that we put together, along with links to the best quality wood, to make planning easier for you!

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1)Personalized Spindles And Turned Items

From wooden rings to personalized cheese knife handles, you can make anything that feels special and personalized to you, by turning wood. With good quality wood and your work, this can be the perfect gift for your valentine.

Here are some more turned items that you can make:

a) Spoons and forks:  The design and style possibilities of spoons and other cutleries are endless, allowing you to be creative. You can take this to the next level by adding some personal engravings to it.

b)Vase: Instead of buying just flowers, you can gift them in the vase that you made on your own! Not only is it easy to make, but also a good addition to your home decor.

c)Rings: It can be hard to find something more beautiful than rings to gift your partner on valentine’s day. There are endless possibilities to make it as special as possible by personalizing it with engravings.

Wood recommendations: 

Gaboon ebony: If you are looking for a strong wood then this is the one for you! https://exoticwoodzone.com/products/gaboon-ebony-turning-blanks-1 

Leopardwood and zebrawood: These woods have beautiful animal patterns just like how the name suggests and they add more details to the final product.



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2) Jewellery Boxes

Everyone has a unique jewelry collection, so why not a unique jewelry box? You can be creative and make something that your partner will love! It can either be a small box for keeping one ring or a bigger one with rows to store many. You can add cute engravings like dates, any special place, or names to make it personalized.

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Wood recommendations: 

Domestic lumbers and Ash walnut: These woods are sourced from the USA and are available at affordable prices.


Spanish cedar, Sapele, and Padauk: Check out our exotic collection of woods that have a very unique color scheme.




3)Kitchen Bowls


This is another beautiful gift that is useful and special at the same time. With the proper method, you can easily make a wooden bowl and make it personalized by choosing the wood of your choice and adding engravings! To make it easier, check out our bowl making guide:https://exoticwoodzone.com/blogs/e/how-to-turn-wood-into-a-bowl-diy-guide 

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Wood recommendations:

Black palm, purpleheart wood (dull grayish/purplish brown), and olivewood (cream or yellowish brown, with darker brown or black contrasting streaks) are suitable for making bowls.




4)Wooden Signboards

This gift idea has unlimited options to be customized according to your own needs. You can be as creative as possible and do wood carvings in any shape or size. From your partner's name to a special date, feel free to add anything you think is special. You can leave it as it is so that the intricate grain patterns are shown or paint it and make it fancy.

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Wood recommendations:

Domestic lumbers and Spanish Cedar (light pinkish to reddish-brown) or any other thin dimensional wood will be suitable for making signboards.



5)Wooden Jewellery

Not only is jewellery made of wood unique, but is also long-lasting. Again they can be made according to your partner's likeness. A simple letter pendant made out of wood will be a small, yet very personal gift.

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Wood recommendation:

Padauk: This wood is affordable and has a unique color.

Purpleheart wood: The beautiful purple color will make any jewellery stand out.



6)Wooden Pen

This is not only a thoughtful gift but something extremely useful. You can be creative with the design and carve initials or dates to make it feel more personal. There are numerous pen styles, like bullet, broker, cigar, fountain pens, and many more from which you can choose.

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Wood recommendations:

Gaboon Ebony: It is in jet black colour and will be perfect for a simple and elegant design.


7)Cutting Boards


Cutting boards are perfect gifts, as they are reusable for years and can be used daily. The type of wood that you use can make the cutting board look different and you can personalize it according to your taste.

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You can also buy customizable cutting boards here!https://jobois.com/

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8)Salt and Pepper Mills

This again is a brilliant gift idea that is not only of daily use but can be reused for years. This is also another practical woodturning project that is fun to make. There are many guides on YouTube that you can follow to make this come into reality.

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Wood recommendations:

Padauk: This wood has a unique color and is safe against insects.


9)Wooden Clocks

A wooden clock is a thoughtful and practical gift to give to your loved one. You can choose burls with beautiful intricate patterns to make the clock look unique. Again, just like all the other gift ideas, this can be made personalized according to your own needs.

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Wood recommendations:

Brown Mallee Burl: Burls are suitable for making blocks because of their beautiful and unique patterns.

10)Wood Carving

We saved the best for the last! Wood carving is not only fun to do but has a lot of options to experiment with. It can be anything that you imagine. There are endless options to explore and your creation can be unique. This is a perfect gift for your valentine!

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Wood recommendations:

Domestic lumbers: