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Which Is The Best Pepper Mill Blank? Choose The Best Wood!

Peppermill – a beneficial kitchen utensil that grinds whole peppercorns into medium, fine or coarse bits of pepper, Peppermills are available in different shapes and size, made up of materials like plastic, wood or metal. Most of the mills have a handle on the top to initiate grinding while other pepper mills simply use the round cap as a turning device. In the case of top or bottom, there is a typical tightening device that increases or decreases the tension resulting in a small or large grind. Usually, peppercorns are placed in the top and turned around; the ground pepper comes out through the bottom.
Peppermill blanks in the USA is a perfectly constructed cute-little box, best-suited for salad dressing and other simple uses. Fine grind is the right choice for salads, purees, egg dishes and a lot more. A medium grind is a general choice for poultry, soups, fish, pasta and other miscellaneous savoury foods. A coarse grind is best used for marinades, salads, hearty meats or salads with rich dressing.

Which is a better choice?

Pepper mills made of plastic have a good grinding mechanism but, doesn’t keep up a good life. Similarly, metals give a sleek look and design but, get rusted soon.
Wooden pepper mill blanks look classic with an evoking antique style and steakhouses. The wooden grinder is made from a simple design and looks unique compared to other materials. This lathe-turned hardwood operates with a metal crank. The wooden pepper mills assure modern grinding mechanism that stays intact for more than 25 years. Get all possible grinding texture; adjust the grinding position according to your requirement starting from fine to coarse.
Have a look at the popular Peppermill blanks available in the market.


Leopardwood is a superb pepper mill blank choice among woodworkers. The wood has a splashy look with the beautifully spotted figure. The natural texture gives a glossy finish and makes it a great wood choice. Leopard pepper mill has an antique vibe with a comfortable modern setting.


Katalox wood pepper mill blank is an excellent wood choice among woodworkers and craft lovers. The wood has a spectacular color range and grain pattern according to the user’s requirement. Online stores provide Katalox peppermill blank is available as wax sealed blanks with quick turning facilities. The pepper mill turns out well from a dense wood that takes a nice finish.

Black Palm Peppermill

Black palm is a beautiful wood choice for pepper mills, with an exciting dark shade and stunning grain pattern. The black palm wood quills round the tan base, giving a striking appearance to the pepper mills. The wood has a fine texture and obtained from the outer rings of a palm tree. The contrast color pattern looks splendid on decorative and utility pepper mills.

Australian Red Mallee

Most of the Australian Red burls are used as pepper mill blanks among woodworkers. The wood has some exciting mix of pink, red and violet colors. The tight figure and unique color is the right choice for antique styled pepper mills. Buy the best wooden pepper mill blanks in the USA from reputed manufacturers.

Olive wood

Olive wood is a fantastic choice for pepper mills. Olive wood peppermill blank is prized for its ravishing color, density, and grain pattern. Olive wood pepper mills have a fine texture and also, used as a raw material in several small wooden objects. Get long-lasting and durable olive wood pepper mill blanks.


Bubinga offers an exceptionally figured pepper mill with a remarkable appearance and unique color features. The wood has fine to medium texture with an amazing natural luster. The Bubinga pepper mill blank has easy working characteristics and turns out well according to your requirements. The wood is prized for its wide range of grain patterns.


Bloodwood pepper mill blanks turn out into a beautiful pepper mill with exciting grinding options. Bloodwood is popular for its bright color and shining look. Bloodwood pepper mill blank has a fine texture with a good natural luster. Bloodwood assures a durable pepper mill with an interesting grain pattern.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart pepper mill blank is a rare and stylish choice for your pepper mills. The vibrant purple color looks great with excellent working characteristics and a mind-blowing texture. The grain pattern attracts woodworkers and easily available from the leading wood pepper mill blanks sellers in the USA.
Most of the online sources provide high-quality wooden pepper mill blanks in the USA. Check for the availability of a wide range of woods and its working characteristics. Get the best Peppermill blanks in the USA from reputed manufacturers.