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What Is Burl Wood? Check Out The Popular Burls Varieties And Its Features!

Extra growth of a tree that turns out into magnificent articles, Burls are commonly found as additional tree growths in a deformed manner. Burls appear as a rounded outgrowth on tree trunk or branch and covered with small knots. Even though burls are formed out of stress or injury within the tree, they exhibit high quality in shaping out valuable wood products.

Buy burl wood in the USA from top manufacturers and deliver valuable products in the speciality wood market. There are plenty of burl producing species that assure remarkable products in the wood market. At the same time, wood buyers usually reject some defective burls with rot and holes. Choose the best depending on your required size and quality. Woodturners get the best yield from rare burl woods.

Uses of Burlwood

Burlwood results in a unique design pattern and prized for its rare beauty. Burl woods are used by several artists, woodworkers, furniture makers, and sculptors. Burls are popular in making furniture, veneer, inlays, musical instruments, gun stocks, turning wood, and other household items. Buy burl wood in the USA from top manufacturers.

Check out the popular burls varieties and its features.

Red Gum Burl

Red Gum burl is a popular turning wood that resembles the popular Australian wood. The burl has an extremely dense grain pattern with the tendency to split. But, to the delight of woodturners, it turns well with sharp tools. Red gumwood products get a smooth and silky finish. The straight grain pattern with a cluster cut produce an exceptional figure, get unique wood figures that glue well! Buy Redgum burl from top wood sellers in the USA.

 Chechen Burl

Chechen is a tropical hardwood and one of the popular burl among woodworkers. This burl wood is hard and dense, which polishes out to a high sheen without much effort. Chechen burl wood has irregular grain patterns like gentle waves, straight, or interlocked. The irregular pattern with pretty different color variety makes it a splendid choice for several wood projects. Chechen has some unique color shades like red, brown and orange contrasted with dark brown stripes.

 Australian Red Mallee Burls

Most of the Australian based burls are used as bowl blanks among woodturners. The Red Mallee Burl has some exciting mix of pink, red and violet colors. The incredible species is popular for its tight figure and unique color among bowl makers. Australian Red Mallee burl wood is prized for its vibrant color range and excellent working properties. Buy the best burl woods in the USA from the reputed manufacturers. Apart from bowls, it’s an ideal choice for spindles, knives, turned boxes, and other fine particles. Red Malle assures a smooth and durable finish with a natural artistic look.

Red Coolibah Burl

Red Coolibah burl is available in Northern Australia. Red Coolibah is considered as one of the strongest and hardest timbers in the world. The burl is commonly found over heavy soils of flood plains. It’s an exceptional burl choice prized for its unique color and figure. The straight grain pattern attracts woodworkers and the color range is splendid for manufacturing the finest wood products. Buy Red Coolibah burl from top wood manufacturers in the USA.

 Australian Yellow Box Burl

Australian yellow box burl is a popular wood choice among woodturners. The burl has a light color shade and finds an application in manufacturing creative wood products. The color ranges from light pink to golden brown. Australian yellow box is generally available as swan burl blocks, burl caps, and small figured timbers. Yellow box burls are well-known in the production of turned objects, gun grips, knife handles, and small wood products.

 Brown Mallee Burls

Brown Mallee is a standard burl species, renowned for its beautiful color and figure. The distinctive mix of golden color gives a royal look to all the turned objects. Brown Mallee burl products yield a smooth and durable finish with light sanding. The tight figure and color is the right choice for pens, knives, spindles, boxes, and other fine particles. Get burl squares with a natural look and artistic quality. Buy brown mallee burl from top wood manufacturers in the USA.

 Burls are renowned for its unique color range. Get the finest wood products from unique burl species. Buy burl wood in the USA from top manufacturers and deliver incredible products in the wood market.