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What Are The Best Head Plate Woods For Guitar!

Guitar lovers – it’s time to purchase the perfect ornamental embellishment. Complete your guitar manufacturing process with the best head plates in the market. Head plates and fingerboards have a similar function. So, most of the luthiers prefer the same tonewood for both head plates and fingerboards. Tonewood gives a unique style and looks to your guitars. Buy Guitar head plates wood according to your style preference. The USA has a huge number of guitarists and luthiers. Always get the best wood head plates for your manufacturing process.
Head plates differ for classic and acoustic guitars. In acoustic guitars, head plates are placed by the headboard region in connection with the fingerboard. It’s significant to choose high-density tonewood since the head plate area suffers a lot of wear. In classic guitars, head plates give the instrument a unique aesthetic look and feel.
Explore a wide range of tonewood used in the manufacturing of head plates,

  • Bocote Head Plate

    Bocote wood has a great demand in the luthier world. The wood has an attractive orange-reddish color with excellent grains and patterns. Bocote head plate looks impressive with any other tonewood. Bocote head plate provides a warm tone with good sustain. Bocote wood head plates in the USA is a popular wood choice with great stability.
  • Cocobolo Head Plates

    Buy guitar head plates wood Cocobolo from the top sellers because it requires a CITES permit for export and import. The wood has a huge demand for its impressive color range and unique patterns. The tonal qualities resemble Koa wood but with greater resonance. The wood is hard and resistant to guitar head plates.
  • Ebony Head Plates

    Ebony is a booming tonewood among luthiers. The aesthetic look with suggestive design gives a striking appearance. The black color gives a classy look along with excellent wood characteristics. Ebony is hard and resistant with good stability. Ebony Head plates produce superior tonal quality with a bright and dynamic touch. So, Ebony is a good choice for your head plates.
  • American Walnut Head Plates

    American walnut is a popular wood among guitar manufacturers. It’s a stable and sustainable wood that resists the wear and rubbing of strings. American Walnut wood head plates is an abundant wood in the country with an affordable price range. The wood has an enthralling beauty and resistance. So, American Walnut is a unique choice for your guitar Head plates.

  • Purple Heart Head Plates

    Purple Heart has a unique splash of color on your head plates. The guitar looks cool with alluring purple color. The wood is widely available in the country with a medium price range. ‘The wood has high-strength properties and involved in most of the strength related applications. Purple Heart is a durable wood and hence, it’s a great choice for head plates.
  • Amazon Rosewood Head Plates

    Amazon Rosewood is highly popular for its contrast color streaks. The wood looks good with a uniform texture and open pores. It’s similar to the Brazillian Rosewood in look and color. It’s an expensive and rare wood with limited availability. But, the tonal qualities and color make it a good choice for guitar head plates and fingerboards.
  • Ziricote Head Plates

    Ziricote is a spectacular tonewood with a classy look and great sound. Ziricote has a unique tone sounding between Indian rosewood and Ebony. Ziricote is a dense and hardwood with a very balanced tone. It’s an ideal choice for guitar head plates. Ziricote head plates give a stylish acoustic guitar with a mesmerizing tonal quality.
  • Mexican Granadillo Head plates

    Buy guitar head plates wood Mexican Granadillo from the best sellers because it’s a high-demand wood that replicates the qualities of popular Rosewood. The wood has high density and so, it’s a great choice for guitar head plates and fingerboards.

Ebony and Rosewood are the popular tonewoods used in the manufacturing of Guitar head plates. There are plenty of wood head plates in the USA, the appearance and tone may differ according to the wood choice. The head plate is not just an ornamental embellishment but, it can turn around your tonal quality. So, buy guitar head plates wood from expert wood sellers in the market