Unleashing the Features and Uses of Gaboon Ebony( 2023)

Unleashing the Features and Uses of Gaboon Ebony( 2023)

Gaboon Ebony (Diospyros Crassiflora) is one of the rarest and most precious hardwoods in the world, often sought after by woodworkers to create stunningly beautiful and durable wood products.  There are many features and advantages of Gaboon Ebony wood that remain undiscussed. Let’s unleash it!


Gaboon Ebony Wood

Gaboon Ebony wood also known as Black Ebony, or African Ebony. etc is one of the best hardwoods which is native to Western Africa, with a Janka Hardness of 3080 lbf(13,700 N) and tree size of 50-60 ft.


 Gaboon Ebony tree is usually jet-black in color with slightly little variation in grain, with occasional dark brown and gray streaks present in it.

 African Ebony has a slight, mild odor while working. Being Hard and Denser, Gaboon Ebony is very difficult to work with, this wood has dulling effects on cutters. Pieces of Gaboon Ebony tree with interlocked grains may cause tear-out.

History of African Ebony

Gaboon Ebony is a type of Ebony with a history. By the end of the 16th century, to make many showpieces, cabinets, guitar pricks, Instruments; Fine Furniture Accents; Inlay, and Artisan Carving. This African Ebony has been found in the coveted places of Egyptian Tombs.


 As connected with royalty, woods from the Gaboon Ebony tree are not only used in Egypt, it was also used during Ancient India as drinking cups by Ancient Kings and as a raw material for sculptors. 

Features of African Ebony: Pros and Cons

One of the main features of Gaboon Ebony wood that makes it so attractive to woodworkers is its excellent strength. 

This makes this African Ebony ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as dining tables and chairs, as well as flooring. It can also resist erosion from acidic liquids better than many other kinds of wood. 

Due to the straight and interlocked grains working with African Ebony is quite difficult but they produce a lustrous shine upon finishing and make it worth the effort. These are suitable for people who are looking for monochromatic statements in their homes. 

Due to the presence of Natural Oil, Gaboon Ebony wood can prevent natural scratches and wear- and tear.  It's also resistant to termite infestations making it a great choice for outdoor furniture pieces or structures like decks. 

Like a coin have two faces, Gaboon Ebony also has some Cons as well as Pros, let us see what it is,

High Workability: Despite high finishing quality, Gaboon Ebony can’t be preferred for a beginner in woodworking due to its time-consuming work. 

Also while sawing this African Ebony it produces tiny powders that remain inert in the atmosphere, when it is entered into the human respiratory system it causes serious respiratory disorders.


Highly Expensive: Can’t be regarded as a negative thing, but it can’t be afforded for many.

Because of the dense grain and black color of Gaboon Ebony, it usually needs to be imported from tropical regions such as Gabon or other parts of Africa. This extra cost makes it prohibitively expensive for many people who would like to use it in their projects.

Major Uses of Gaboon Ebony

  • Gaboon Ebony was used as decorative pieces for royalty, cups, bowls, sculptors, ivory mixed chess pieces cabinets, jewelry boxes, etc. in Ancient times in Egypt.


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  • Due to its high density, African Ebony has been extensively used in the making of musical instruments, due to its high tonality. It is used for piano keys as well as making clarinet bodies.
  • Also with Luthiers, Gaboon Ebony wood is well-priced for fingerboards, and bridges in quality guitar making. 


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  • African Ebony wood can be carved into beautiful shapes and images with ease. Many artisans use this dark wood for making sculptures, figurines, jewelry boxes, and religious symbols such as crosses or Buddhas. 
  • Gaboon ebony wood is sometimes used in decorative veneers for furniture or interior accents such as wall panels or ceiling tiles in homes or businesses that wish to add a touch of luxury without spending too much money on full solid pieces made out of this expensive material. 
  • Gaboon Ebony when it comes to turning Its strength and stability make it perfect for creating small items such as spindles, finials, handles,. etc


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All in all, there is no doubt that Gaboon Ebony wood is a premium hardwood choice for anyone looking for incredible strength combined with superior aesthetics thanks to its deep black color and fine grain patterns running through each piece. 

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Whether you're planning on making furniture pieces or musical instruments this type of ebony will certainly not disappoint!