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Types Of Knife Handle Blanks - Choose Your Best Wood Knife Blank!

Create stunning knives that replicate your unique carving style. Woodworkers prefer high-quality knife handle blanks and turn them into spectacular knives. Whether it’s a creative artwork or some useful stuff in your kitchen, Buy knife blanks from us, one of the top-rated wood manufacturers in the USA. There are plenty of hardwood choices that assure royal and breathtaking knife models.
Check out the popular knife blanks available in the market that turn into durable and custom knives. Get maximum yield from these exotic woods.

African Blackwood Knife Handle Blank

African Blackwood is an extremely strong wood with several exciting features. African Blackwood knife blanks exhibit a strong and stiff nature, that turns out to be a fantastic wooden knife. It’s the finest turning wood that stays stable with a unique texture. The grain pattern looks straight, making it comfortable for the woodworkers. Buy Knife blanks of African Blackwood for stylish knife handles.
Color – the knife looks pretty dark with a dark brown shade or purple hue. It resembles black with a good natural luster.

Chechen Knife Handle blanks

Chechen is a tropical hardwood and one of the popular knife blanks among woodworkers. This exotic wood is hard and dense, the knife blanks polish out to a high sheen without much effort. The wood has irregular grain patterns like straight, gentle waves, or interlocked. The irregular pattern with pretty different color variety makes it a splendid choice for knife blanks.
Color – Chechen has a variety of color shades like red, brown and orange contrasted with dark brown stripes.

East Indian Rosewood knife Handle blanks

Buy knife blank that finishes extremely well. East Indian Rosewood is a prized wood of the South Indian Peninsula. Rosewood knife blank is hard and dense, perfectly cut for its coarse texture and excellent stability. Woodworkers may feel it difficult to machine or work with hands, but East Indian Rosewood knife blank is an extremely good choice for woodturning and excellent polish.
Color – the knife blank has a beautiful color that varies from golden brown to deep purple with dark brown stripes. The wood color darkens with age.

Granadillo knife Handle blanks

Granadillo knife blank is a hardwood that is superior to Teak and Mahogany. The wood is exceptionally heavy and turns out into beautiful knife handles. It’s a common wood choice among woodworkers because of its high density and interlocking grain pattern.
Color – Granadillo color ranges from bright red to purplish brown with unique stripes. Buy knife blanks that look lighter on your knife scales.


Mahogany Knife Handle Blanks

Mahogany knife blank is a durable wood choice with good workability and other excellent features. Mahogany is a favorite wood choice among woodworkers and furniture makers. Mahogany knife blanks turn out into stunning knives with close grain pattern and uniform texture. Mahogany has exceptional working characteristics that glues and finishes well.
Color – Mahogany has a light color from pale pinkish-brown to darker reddish-brown. The color tends to darken with age.

Red Palm Knife Handle blanks

Red Palm is a durable and dense wood that is obtained from the outer hardened areas of the tree. Buy knife blanks with red strings that look great on your final product. Apart from knife blanks, red palm turns out into beautiful bowls, pepper mills, pen blanks, and other turning objects. The wood has a fine to medium grain structure, portraying a royal look and feel.
Color – the wood has reddish-brown fiber embedded with the light brown colored body. The knife has a golden-brown color with brown or red flecks.


Walnut Knife Handle blanks

Walnut knife blank is a dark and dense hardwood choice among woodworkers. The knife blank is hard with tight grains. The walnut wood blank is prized for its unique strength and grain pattern. The wood turns out well into a smooth finish. Walnut developed as a domestic wood species but, today the wood is more expensive due to its natural limitations. Buy knife blanks from top wood manufacturers in the USA.
Color – Walnut knife blanks have a color range from light pale brown to dark brown with darker brown stripes.

Wooden Knives look stunning with a unique color pattern. Buy knife blanks with attractive grain pattern and excellent durability. Get plenty of hardwood choices from us, one of the top-rated wood manufacturers in the USA.