Top 10 Design Ideas with Walnut Lumber

Top 10 Design Ideas With Walnut Lumber

Having been around the wood and logs in your lifetime, ever wondered what magic can it do with its turning abilities and carving capabilities?

A person who has worked with the woods does know its marvels and wonders, but few of us are not aware of the types of wood the Earth possesses. There are numerous kinds of wooden walnut hardwood available and waiting for you to turn in your best imaginative products with your finesse and expertise in it.

And that’s where you need the magic in your work. You might require quirky ideas, designs or ways to turn the walnut wood in your possession to make something unusually distinctive that can attract maximum eyes. With several types of walnut breeds available such as walnut planks, walnut slab, walnut timber, black walnut wood, walnut boards, black walnut lumber, you can create magnificent products if you know how to carve walnut lumber to the best designs. Now, for the spontaneous design ideas to turn your walnut lumber; here are few ideas to get onboard with:

1. To Create Wood Veneer

The wood veneer can be said with the beautiful appearance of wood. Outstanding designs can be procured by the veneer, some of it is interior decorations, or embellish furniture for residential projects, hotel projects, offices, or veneer parquet, flexible veneer sheets, wood veneer boards, wood veneer wallpaper.

Sometimes, veneer wood can also be used to create designs and carve grandeur products such as wine boxes, chocolate boxes, tags, luxury soap boxes, spice boxes.

2. To Create Wood Slabs

A grand piece of walnut lumber can be used to create wood slabs that can be designed for multiple uses and applications.

Some of the resplendent designs and carvings of wood slabs are Wine Rack, Kitchen Countertop, Stool, Bedside Table, Sink, TV Stand, Bench, Sliding door, Cutting Boards, Bowls, Head Board, Mirror Frame, Glass doors, Swings and so on.

3. To Create Lumber Boards

Walnut lumbers have their strengths in making lumber boards, where dimensional lumber crafted from softwood is typically used for construction, while hardwood boards are more commonly applied for the usage of making cabinets or furniture.

There are also several types of lumbers in terms of colors which have their own application such as Redwood lumber can have their usage for the construction of beams, posts, trim, decking, furniture, and musical instruments.

4. To Create Modern Bench

We are aware of the benches we have in and around our surroundings, be it office, hospital, park, home, or shops. With the exception of a metallic bench, the wooden bench can be crafted into definite designs and looks.

Few exceptional designs of the benches turned by the wooden exotic walnut lumbers can be where the legs of the bench are folded like the seat; a total curved bench.

5. To Create Modern Desk

Several hardwoods can be used to carve the desks which are multipurpose and have universal usage in terms of official, educational, or professional.

Various walnut lumbers can be used to design the desks which are a good medium for building furniture with large flat surfaces like a desk. It eliminates the need for gluing up the top and sides and all that goes with that. All which has to be done is install an edge band at least 3/4″ thick because thin veneer edge banding does not work well for furniture.

Exotic Wooden Desk

6. To Create Your Pet House

It is no mystery that we can create a cat house or dog house i.e. a kennel with walnut lumbers, that can give a great shape of design to the house.

Several designs can be introduced to the same by providing sheds and curved roofs to the house. You can carve your own from corrugated cardboard, poster board, or any other lightweight material, but an existing box will be much sturdier.

7. To Create Modern Wood Credenza

In modern times, a credenza is more often a type of sideboard which is explicitly used in the home or restaurant. In the place of having dinners, it is typically made from wood and used as a platform to serve buffet meals. In restaurant kitchens as well, made from stainless steel, it provides a side surface and storage cupboards.

Several designs can be provided in terms of size and shape according to your usage. If the dinner buffet is for a large number of crowds, a large credenza can be carved.

8. To Create Wooden Wall Clock

Antique wall clocks can give outstanding designs by your exotic walnut lumbers.

Firstly, the wood must be cut to the desired size and shape. Post this event, you stain the wood pieces and paint the numbers so you can put these things together. The clock mechanism goes to the center.

Exotic Wooden Wall Clock

9. To Create Mid Century Coffee Table

Magnanimous designs can be possible for the coffee table, which has to be low height or compact according to your requirement. With 4 x 2 wood, glues, and the proper assembling of legs, it can be carved to a magnificent table.

Exotic Wooden Coffee Table

10. To Create An Outdoor Furniture

For a very long time, outdoor furniture has been created and carved by the woods. Several walnut hardwood is used for walnut planks to manufacture the most beautiful furniture which represents our house when it should be the other way around.

Exotic Wooden Outdoor Furniture


When you will ask a random individual, he might say his favorite products or designs which he can carve from the walnut lumber. And that’s how it is. You can create innumerable designs from the wood, only if you know how to prepare walnut lumbers properly.

Go ahead and look out for various wood collections in Exotic Wood Zone, to surf black walnut wood for sale, which can help you to make a decision for what to carve and how to give an outstanding design to it.