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Things You Need To Know About Guitar Neck Wood Blanks

The neck is a critical part of guitar construction. Neck in acoustic guitar extends from the heel joint at the top to the headstock. Necks mechanically support strings and provide an excellent playing fretboard. Neck and fretboard seriously affect the tone and playability of any guitar model. The changes in the neck dimension whether it’s a small fraction or millimeter creates a noticeable change in the playing style. It’s essential to control this accuracy level while working with GUITAR NECK BLANKS.

How Neck wood affects the sustain and tone of the guitar?

Luthiers have different opinions on how the neck affects the guitar tone. The neck is always connected to one end of the strings; these are the primary source of sound in Guitar. But, it doesn’t affect the sound production directly. Guitar neck wood blanks are specially designed that it shouldn’t absorb any energy from strings and shouldn’t vibrate at all. Luthiers focus on manufacturing stiff necks with very low internal damping factor. BUY GUITAR NECK BLANKS ONLINE with great quality for ease of construction.

Have a look at the popular woods for guitar neck blanks,

Brazilian Honduran Mahogany

Most of the acoustic guitar necks are made from HONDURAN MAHOGANY. The wood originates from America and still available in commercial quantities. It’s an excellent wood choice for the stylish color range between light brown and reddish-brown. This rich and darker color looks good on Guitar necks. The wood is strong enough to construct attractive guitar necks. Mahogany is a hard and stiff wood with easy carving features. The wood is hard and dense to prevent the absorption of energy from strings. Brazilian Honduran Mahogany is one of the popular guitar neck wood blanks.

Spanish cedar

Spanish cedar is a primary wood used in several applications. The wood has its origin from Central and South America. Spanish cedar is a durable wood with high-resistant to termite attack and great weathering characteristics. Neck stability is an important feature that affects the guitar tome. SPANISH CEDAR IS A STABLE WOOD and considered one of the best guitar neck wood blanks among the Luthiers. The wood is highly resistant and prevents unnecessary twisting or bowing. Spanish cedar is easy to work wood with both machine and hand tools. Spanish cedar has more effect on trebles and makes it clear in the tone. The wood is generally available in small lumbers with a low to moderate price range.


Ebony is a dark wood critically listed as endangered species. It’s a heavy wood, popular for its unique color, durability with the ability to survive high-polish. Buy guitar neck blanks online which improve the overall look and feel of the instrument. EBONY IS ONE OF THE RIGHT CHOICES FOR BEAUTIFUL NECKS. It’s a rare and expensive wood with durable nature than softer woods that easily worn down by strings.

East Indian Rosewood

East Indian Rosewood is a traditional wood used in guitar necks. The wood has a classy look with a vibrant golden brown color. EAST INDIAN ROSEWOOD is a durable wood with high-resistant to termite attack. The wood may be difficult to work but, it glues and finishes well. The wood is strong enough to hold up the tension of strings throughout the guitar life. Rosewood Guitar neck blanks are available as imported hardwood in an expensive price range. Rosewood is a common choice in acoustic and electric guitars.

Hard Maple

Hard maple or rock maple has a darker reddish-brown color, frequently found in guitar parts such as tops, necks, backs, and sides. The wood has excellent working properties; it goes well with machine tools and hand tools. Maple is a common choice for electric guitars necks, but it’s widely used in the manufacturing of arch-top and resonator guitar necks. MAPLE GUITAR NECK WOOD blanks are strong and carve out well with a tight grain. Maple necks exhibit excellent tonal qualities and good sustain. It’s a traditional choice to brighten the guitar tone with a unique appearance.

Online sources provide excellent neck blanks with all required specifications to custom build a guitar neck. Luthiers have quick research on the above-listed woods to satisfy your requirements. It’s a tricky job to find the wood that’s durable, strong and dense with excellent carving properties. So, put up the right amount of research and Buy guitar neck blanks online for a special acoustic guitar.