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The Types of Wood Used On Pen Blanks

Woodturning is a gifted art of simplicity and finesse. Finest woodturners produce high- luster pens with an extra smooth finish. Quality pen blanks are the output of precision wood cutting. Get the best pen blanks in USA where manufacturers take extra care in cutting the domestic wood species according to the customer requirements. 

Get the trending pen blank wood collection from the world’s best sellers. The wood blanks create magic for both novice and expert turners in the world. Enjoy pen making and take it to the next level with high-quality pen blanks in USA,

Pen Blanks - Wood

Wood pen blanks are the common form of pen making. Woodturners choose from a wide range of exotic woods for better pen models. Similarly, they go for the best color choice and wood with great working characteristics. Tailor your own finest quality pens from the top pen blank sellers in USA


Pen Blanks - Acrylic

Acrylic pen blanks are made from polymers with easy working characteristics. Acrylic pen blanks assure a vibrant mixture of colors and achieve a high-gloss finish. Acrylic pen blanks are attractive with a dazzling finish, but pen manufacturers prefer wooden pen blanks for a classy look and excellent feel. 

Choose the right wooden pen blanks and get the best working tools for an excellent looking pen model, 

Ebony Wood Species

Ebony is an ornamental wood used in several applications. It’s a favourite choice of woodturners and fine-texture assures mirror finish high-quality pens. Ebony is a heavy wood and comparatively more expensive than other wooden pen blanks. Get unique Ebony pen blanks from the best wood sellers in USA

  • Ebony – Ebony is a rare pen blank available in the market. Most of the woodturners’ choice because of its ravishing deep color and extremely fine texture. 
  • Macassar Ebony – Macassar Ebony is a popular wood choice among pen turners. High density and even texture turns out highly-quality pens.


Australian Special Woods

There are several Australian based kinds of wood that exhibit high standard look and interesting working characteristics. The pen blanks showcase highly figured grain and strength properties for an excellent working pen. 

  • Australian Bimble box – this wood burl works great on small turning objects like pens or other craft blanks. The wood has excellent natural luster with a medium texture. 
  • Australian Blackwood – the pen looks bright with a contrast band of color. The grain pattern is rare and uncommon for a unique pen choice. 
  • Australian Brown Mallee – Brown Mallee is a standard wood species with beautiful color and figure. The distinctive mix of golden color gives a royal look to the turned pen. 
  • Australian Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus is an evergreen wood choice for pen blanks. This exotic wood is widely used among woodturners and looks great after the final polish. 

Other Exotic Woods 

Apart from the ebony species and Australian woods, there are plenty of exotic hardwoods used as pen blanks. Each wood exhibits its own unique working characteristics and looks great as a final product. Check out the popular pen blank woods in USA,

  • Black Palm – Black palm is a stylish wood choice for pen blanks. The grain pattern with a unique brown-mixed color looks great on pens. 
  • Bocote – It’s a Mexican based wood for people who look for ravishing color choice. The wood has rare grain patterns and turns out well. 
  • Chechen – Chechen or Caribbean rosewood has a two-toned grain pattern and offers high-polish as pen blanks. 
  • East Indian Rosewood – Indian based wood, well-known for its custom pool cues and prized for its excellent working characteristics. 
  • Granadillo – It’s a beautiful dark-colored wood with even-grain texture. It’s an eye-catching pen blank and favorite wood choice in pen turning projects. 
  • Hard Maple – Maple is a dense hardwood with tight grains and long-used among American woodworkers. The pen blanks turn out smooth and finish well. 
  • Katalox – Katalox or Mexican Ebony is a dense wood choice with swirling grain patterns. The Katalox pen blanks turn out easily as a stylish dark-colored pen. 
  • Leopardwood – It’s a superb pen blank choice among woodworkers. The wood has a splashy look with a beautifully spotted figure. The natural texture gives a glossy finish and makes it a great pen choice. 

While choosing pen blanks, check for the color, grain pattern and working characteristics for better results. Get high-quality raw materials from the best pen blank manufacturers in USA.