National Hobby Day : A guide for your DIYs from Exotic Wood Zone

National Hobby Day : A guide for your DIYs from Exotic Wood Zone

  In this busy world, with a busy life, hobbies are something which grows along with us. The ideas and creativity grows with age along with our skill. 
  Live edge and cookie slab furniture like tables, stools have been a popular contemporary style ruling our sweet homes. It adds a definition to the place it is placed. 
  On this national hobby month, Exotic Wood Zone gives you a glimpse on how to make side tables of your own with your creativity and skills. 

Step 1

Choosing the right live edge or cookie slab is an important factor before you begin your project. These wooden slabs can have both smooth and rough surfaces. Sand the surfaces so that it becomes flat and gives a finishing touch to the table. Remove the loose barks from the edges and further sand the edges for a smooth touch if your model prefers so or just leave the bark on the edges to give it a rustic look.


Step 2

Live edges or cookie slabs, even after the surfaces are smoothed out, may have imperfections such as cracks, holes etc. Seal the cracks with epoxy resin using a foam brush. Epoxy resin has properties like adhesion, filling attributes and also forms a waterproof layer of protection on the wood. 


Step 3

Once the epoxy is dry, sand the surface once more and also vacuum the surrounding before going for the final oil finish. Use a sponge brush to apply three coats of polyurethane and sand the surface after each coat completely dries and wipe down the surface with mineral spirits.

For a lossier finish, apply three coats of shellac and sand the surface after each coat. Spray with clear lacquer after the final coats.  

Let it completely dry.

You can always top it with a glass frame to give it more of a chic look. 


Step 4

Paint the hairpin legs, which is quite the popular model at the time with the colour of your choice. Once dried, lay the wood facing the treated surface down and attach the legs with the screws. You can also use wooden legs if you wish to give it a different look.



Sprinkle your creative touch to make it unique as you.

Voila! Your DIY wooden side table is ready to use.