Into the Cocobolo wood: Comprehensive Guide (2023)

Into the Cocobolo wood: Comprehensive Guide (2023)

Cocobolo wood is a beautiful, exotic wood with a unique range of colors and grain patterns that make it ideal for classic and modern woodworking projects.   If you're looking to take your woodworking skills to the next level or simply find out more about this magnificent Cocobolo material, then read on! 

Scientific Name

Dalbergia retusa

Common Name



Central America

Janka Hardness

2,960 lbf (14,410 N)

What is Cocobolo?

The Cocobolo tree comes from the Central American rainforest. It's prized among professionals and hobbyists alike because of its stunning coloration; the heartwood of Cocobolo wood can range in hues from golden yellow to deep orange-red, often with darker blackish streaks running through it.


Cocobolo wood has a spice-like scent, due to this it has been also used in fragrance industries.

Workability: It is probably hard to work with this Cocobolo wood, due to its high oil content.

Common Uses: Cocobolo wood is commonly used for Hardwood flooring, hardwood paneling, musical instruments, turnings, and special items.

What is Cocobolo wood used for?

  • Being very strong and durable, Cocobolo is an ideal wood for furniture. Cocobolo has an aesthetic appearance and it makes a piece of furniture attractive.


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  • Many musical instrument makers also choose cocobolo because of its stability against changes in temperature and humidity; thereby allowing these instruments to retain their tuned sound over time. 


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  • For those looking to craft custom knives or blades, the density of Cocobolo makes it an ideal choice due to its ability to hold up against excessive wear.


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  • Other uses of Cocobolo wood include turnings on lathes like bowls or vases; cocobolo responds very well to being shaped into intricate designs with long-lasting results. 


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  • Cocobolo cutting boards are vastly used not because of their elegant look, but also for their many features. 
  • Due to the excellent weathering characteristics of Cocobolo, it is used for outdoor applications such as decking, fencing, and benches.
  • Gun grips can be replaced or can be made from Cocobolo wood due to its high density. The fine texture makes Cocobolo a user-friendly material.


Features of Cocobolo wood

Durability: Cocobolo wood is highly durable and stands out among other timber varieties because of its superior levels of toughness and lasting qualities which make it a great choice for any project requiring maximum durability at an affordable cost!

Strength: The strength of Cocobolo is an inevitable part among woodworkers, which makes it suitable for a wide range of projects,  from practical applications like cabinetry or flooring to custom creations like furniture or carvings, all backed by excellent durability of both form and function.

 Why is cocobolo so expensive?

Cocobolo is a rare and exotic hardwood found in tropical regions of Central America and Mexico. It is one of the most expensive woods in the world due to its uniquely striking characteristics and limited supply. 

Cocobolo tree is also known for being exceptionally dense and durable, so pieces made with this high-end hardwood are sure to last a long time. 

Additionally, Cocobolo wood is naturally resistant to insects such as termites, protecting items made out of this valuable hardwood from damage caused by pests. 

With all these factors combined together, it's easy to see why such a unique wood like Cocobolo wood commands such exorbitant prices on the market today.

No matter what your needs are, Cocobolo wood is sure to impress. Exotic Wood Zone has a wide selection of Cocobolo wood products available, so be sure to check us out today!