Indian Laurel: Exploring The Beauty and Durability

Indian Laurel: Exploring The Beauty and Durability

Indian Laurel is one of the popular choices among woodworkers for working. One who is familiar with Indian Laurel wood when adequately treated can result in a stunningly beautiful piece of work. 

Common Name

Marutham( Tamil), Matti (Kannada), Ain(Marathi), Asana( SriLanka)

Scientific name

Terminalia elliptica


India, Nepal, Bangladesh

Janka Hardness

2,340 lbf(10,390 N)

Tree Size

65-100 ft

Indian Laurel trees are native mainly to Asia, is brownish in color with dark to nearly black in streaks. The Bark of Indian Laurel wood is fire-resistant

The wood grain is slightly straight or interlocked or slightly irregular, it can sometimes cause tear-out while working with this wood. But fairly the Indian Laurel wood is very easy to work.

Indian Laurel tree doesn't produce any particular odor while working.

Unknown Features of the Indian Laurel tree

In Southern Buddhism, the Indian Laurel tree is believed or claimed as the sacred tree for achieving enlightenment by the 20th Lord Budha “Tissa”

Indian laurel tree is native to Southern and Southeast Asia, mainly in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Thailand. Etc. Among all these places Indian Laurel wood is understood by various names.

Indian Laurel is not only used for woods but also cultivated in various regions, mostly in China. 


What is Indian Laurel tree is mostly used for?

Indian Laurel wood is mostly used for furniture, veneer, musical instruments, Railway cross, cabinetry, boatbuilding, and for turned objects. 

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Other than being used in wooden projects, it has also other uses. The leaves of the Indian Laurel tree are used as food items by Silkworms

( Anthera Paphia) which produces Tussah silk, which is commercially very important. 

The bark is a source of Oxalo acetic acid, it is medicinally against diarrhea.

The Stem of the Indian laurel tree is used by the Forest Folks as a method for storing water which can be tapped during the summer season.

Indian Laurel wood is one of the most popular choices among woodworkers for its beauty and stunning results when adequately treated. If you are looking for a piece of furniture or artwork that will make a statement, Indian Laurel is the way to go. 

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