Identifying the Hard maple: Features and Uses

Identifying the Hard maple: Features and Uses

Hard maple wood is a beautiful and durable hardwood that is often used in woodworking projects due to its strength, stability, and natural beauty. It has a light pale brown to creamy white color that can be stained to any desired color.


With its durability and visual appeal, hard maple wood can make a great addition to any home or workshop.

About Hard maple

Hard Maple tree ( Acer Saccharum) also known as Sugar Maple is native to Northeastern America and also seen in parts of Canada. 

Janka Hardness

1450 lbf(6450 N)


80-115 ft

In the whole genus of Acer, the Hard maple wood was given the title the King of Acer genus due to its density,hardness, and stiffness. Hard maple tree is a cold climate species. 

Among all Maple trees, wood from the Hard Maple tree is most commonly used. The wood is available in many forms, you can see the ability of the Hard maple lumber form by its strength. 

How does Hard Maple wood looks like?

Hard maple wood has a light cream to reddish-brown color and is marked by creamy white sapwood giving way to the subtle but visible grain pattern of the heartwood. The grain on Hard maple is typically straight but can also have a curly or wavy pattern. With a fine, even texture and closed pores, Hard maple wood is easy to work with and takes a smooth finish. 

Being in this Maple form there are several doubts and questions regarding the differences between soft and hard maple which have to be discussed, lets have a look,

Soft maple vs Hard maple


Soft maple and hard maple are two different species of trees within the Aceraceae family. Soft maple is typically found in the North American regions, while hard maple is more common in the eastern United States. Soft maple’s scientific name is Acer rubrum, while hard maple’s scientific name is Acer saccharum. 

Soft maples can be distinguished by their leaves, which are generally smaller and pointed than those of hard maples.

The bark of soft maples tends to be smoother and lighter than that of hard maples. Soft maples also tend to have less dense wood, making it easier to work with than hard maple. 

Hard Maple wood is highly durable and resistant to wear, making it ideal for applications where strength and hardness are important factors, such as bowling alleys or dance floors as well as for kitchen countertops and cutting boards due to its resistance to dulling knives. 

Hard maple wood also takes finishes better than softwoods like cedar or pine; its tight grain makes it ideal for stain-grade projects that require precise detailing like picture frames or furniture trim. 

What Hard maple is used for?

  • The Hard maple wood can be used in both natural state and in polished state and also in turned state. Each of them serves their function well.



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  • Hard maple wood is renowned for its durability and strength, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications including furniture, flooring, cabinetry and millwork.
  • The wood of Hard Maple tree has a smooth texture with a uniform grain pattern that produces attractive looking products when properly finished. Hard Maple features a light tan or creamy white heartwood which can darken as it ages over time.
  • Hard Maple's strength and hardness make it an ideal choice for many uses such as cutting boards, butcher blocks and architectural mill work like stairs, doors and cabinetry.  


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  • Hard Maple wood look great but its resilience makes it an excellent material for various projects from making high quality furniture to crafting decorative items like bowls or platters. 


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  • The strength, density, and workability of the Hard maple wood make it an ideal wood for crafting guitars, violins, cellos, mandolins, and other stringed instruments. With its beautiful grain patterns and warm tones, hard maple lends a unique aesthetic beauty to any instrument.

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Whether you are looking for a beautiful and long-lasting wood for your home or workshop, hard maple wood is an excellent choice. So make sure to check out Exotic Wood Zone where you can find the best selection of quality hard maple wood for your next project!