How to choose the right knife turning blank - A guide from Exotic Wood Zone

How to choose the right knife turning blank - A guide from Exotic Wood Zone

choose the right knife blanks

Knives are a timeless and useful gift that can be used for years. They are almost used daily and can be made different by using the preferred turning blanks. You can add engravings to make it more personal. Since knives are one of the most used essentials in the kitchen, it is important to use a good quality turning blank. By reading this article, you will have a piece of knowledge about the kinds of turning blanks, that will be perfect for the knives that you want to create.

Choosing the right wood can be overwhelming and confusing, but there are only 3 simple factors that you should keep in mind: Appearance, Resilience, and Quality. To know more about this you need to have a basic idea about some species of woods that can be used for making knives. To make this process easier, this guide introduces you to a few types of wood first, and then about the factors. Happy reading!

Woods That Are Recommended For Creating Knife Handles:

Oak: This wood is affordable and has beautiful grain patterns that can make the knife look expensive and minimal. Many people choose Oak because it is easy to work with. It is easy to add engravings to the finished product, making it the perfect wood to choose if you are planning on engraving the handles. If you are looking for something that is affordable and beautiful, then Oak is the one for you!

Rosewood: Rosewood is similar to Oak if you are considering the price and patterns. Rosewood changes color as it ages. They are affordable and unique. It starts from a golden brown color and turns into a deep purplish color. You can choose them according to your preference. The final product will look beautiful because of the rare purple color. Indian Rosewood has the most beautiful color and patterns.

Walnut: Even though Walnut Wood is used for making a lot of products, it is not the best choice to create a knife with. It might be suitable if you are making a knife handle that you won’t use consistently. The wood is not as stable as all the other kinds of wood and is not recommended for making knives. This is why it is important to do good research on the quality of wood before buying them.

African Blackwood: This wood has a black color that will be perfect for making beautiful knife handles. Some of them may have a brown or purplish shade along with the black. These woods are dense and durable which makes them a perfect choice for making knives. You can choose this wood for knives that are regularly used in the kitchen. Personalizing the handles by adding carvings will be easy because of their density.

Ebony: Ebony is often related to luxury because of the finish it provides to the final product. From luxury furniture to knives, Ebony is always the best choice. However Ebony is expensive compared to all the other woods, but the density, durability and finish of the final product makes Ebony worth the price 

Now, let us look at the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a knife blank:

1. Appearance

You can choose a particular wooden knife blank according to its grain pattern, color, and texture. However, make sure to check if the wood is suitable for making a knife. You can decide this by checking the durability, density, and texture. Each piece of wood has a unique grain pattern that can make your knife look unique. African Blackwood and Rosewood have unique colors and patterns that will make the final product an eye-catching piece.

2. Resilience 

Hardwoods and Stabilized woods are the best for making knives as they won’t be easily damaged by water. Make sure that the wood you choose is compatible with water. Woods like Rosewood and Ebony are even resistant to heat up to a certain point. There are several kinds of wood that are resistant to insects and bacteria. As most of the food we eat comes in contact with knives, it is important to choose a wood that is resistant to insects and water. This will make it safer to use the knife in the kitchen for years.

 3) Quality

A good quality knife is pleasing to the eyes, strong, and durable. Make sure to do proper research about the types of knife blanks and choose the one with good quality. Knives are something that can be used for years, almost every day. This is why it is important to choose a knife blank with good quality. This can also be useful if you are planning to sell or gift someone a knife. 

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