Honduran Mahogany: The Genuine Mahogany

Honduran Mahogany: The Genuine Mahogany

Honduran Mahogany also known as American Mahogany or Genuine Mahogany is one of the best hardwoods extensively used in furniture, cabinetry, and other woodworking projects. Let's see more about it,


The Genuine Mahogany

Genuine Mahogany, (Swietenia Macrophylla) which is native to Mexico and South America can grow up to 150 ft- 200ft. The Janka Hardness of Honduran Mahogany wood is about 900 lbs(4020 N).

The wood of the Honduran Mahogany tree varies in color and changes according to age. Depending on the density, strength and sunlight, and growth conditions, the durability of the Honduran Mahogany wood also changes from moderate to high.

Harvesting Honduran Mahogany wood needs legal procedures because it is listed as one of the endangered species of wild flora and fauna in CITES.

There are restrictions to the exporting of Honduran Mahogany wood, but it is also available in the Lumber and veneer form.


Honduran Mahogany Lumber

Honduran Mahogany lumber produced from old Honduran mahogany trees is more resistant to termites than Honduran Mahogany lumber produced from plantation stocks. 


Quarter-sawn Lumbers have more demand in the commercial markets than others, so Honduran Mahogany Lumbers are very expensive. 

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What does Genuine Mahogany look like?

Honduran Mahogany wood color varies from pale pinkish brown to dark reddish brown in color. The color of this wood varies by age. Older Honduran Mahogany wood has darker and deeper colors,

The wood grain of Genuine Mahogany can be straight, wavy, interlocked, or wavy with a medium and uniform texture and natural luster. Honduran Mahogany wood never produces any characteristic odor while working or harvesting with it. 

There always exists a doubtful debate about the differences and peculiarities of African Mahogany with Genuine Mahogany wood


African Mahogany vs Genuine Mahogany

The wood color of Honduran Mahogany varies according to age but African Mahogany does not, its color is about light pinkish hue. African Mahogany wood varies mainly in wood grains. 

Among these Honduran Mahogany wood has more resistance to insects and beetles than African mahogany wood. 

Genuine Mahogany also dominates in the case of Density, which mainly depends on good growing conditions. 

Working with Honduran Mahogany is precisely easier than the African variety when it comes to turning and carving. 

Both are good in tonal qualities, which makes them ideal for musical instruments like guitar, and ukulele. etc

African Mahogany is less expensive than Honduran Mahogany wood, so it is more affordable because Honduran Mahogany wood needs to be harvested legally which is a little expensive. 

Common Uses of Honduran Mahogany wood

  • Honduran Mahogany lumbers, Veneers, and Body Blanks are commonly used for making stocks, desks and cabinets, and tables. Etc 
  • Many Sculptors Turned decorative items can be produced from Honduran Mahogany wood. 


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  • Turned items such as Bowls and Vases and other gift items of Honduran mahogany wood are commercially exquisite due to their durability and strength. 


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  • Apart from using for wooden projects and activities, Honduran mahogany wood can be used for healing properties, which is legally approved by the Ministry of Malaysia, in which seeds are used.
  • Using a wood like Honduran Mahogany will always upgrade your wooden activities and projects, you won’t be disappointed for using it.


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