Guitar drop-tops buyers guide

Guitar drop-tops buyers guide

What is a guitar drop top?

Drop Tops is the lightest and cheapest way to finish a tool and give it the beauty that Electric Guitars and Basses deserve. The end product is perfect, with a significantly cheaper cost and lighter than other Tops, because of its thickness. Moreover, its lightweight makes working with Drop Tops easier.

Drop top is a book-matched piece of wood, which is thrown over the back of a tonewood. Laminate tops are thin exotic wood sheets that improve your instrument's appearance. The lam tops are turned into a book-match form which is carried out by cutting the board longitudinally. Halves that result are now folded into a book style and then connected to the center.

Drop tops of the lam tops are typically 1/8." Drop top is constructed to follow the guitar's forearm counter downward curvature. Guitar consists of numerous combinations of wood, the top wood or the soundboard have a greater impact on the sounds of a guitar. This is precisely why the guitar drop-top should be selected accordingly.

Something you should be careful about.

The body of the wood is carved in a curve and bent on the top of the guitar to match it. It gives a forearm contour without the need of cutting off a large slab of wood. It is suggested widely that not to construct a drop-top in any kind of wood that is thicker than 6mm. Typically wood with fewer grains is much easier to bend. If you do find resistance in the wood to bending naturally, methods like water bending, steam bending will work perfectly fine.

Some of the woods that would work excellent as guitar drop-tops.


The olive wood, farmed from the trees of the olive tree, could be hard and rich in color wood that is prized all around the world for its look, density, straight grain, and fine texture. These grain patterns make it a really good choice for a guitar drop-top.


The Sapele wood has several similar characteristics like color, texture, etc resembling the real mahogany and is sometimes used as a substitute for the real mahogany. Thin sheets of this wood joined at the center can easily be transformed into a beautiful drop-top.


The Purpleheart tree when freshly cut portrays a dull greyish color and slowly develops into a deeper and royal purple color when exposed properly to sunlight. In addition to its tonal characteristics, the color that this guitar drop top imparts to your guitar will be magical.


American cherry is the supreme hardwood species from the U.S. hardwood forests and is exclusive to North America, with warm color tones and excellent finishing qualities. This wood has greatly malleable properties with medium density and low stiffness makes for some great drop-tops.


Padauk whose lumber could be a valuable resource because of its sturdiness, and stability. Its reddish color is kind of distinguishable, though typically confused with rosewoods. This wood has really good tonal characters which attribute to good drop-tops.

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