Goncalo Alves: The Only Guide you Need

Goncalo Alves: The Only Guide you Need

This blog of Goncalo Alves wood offers readers an in-depth look into the history, uses, and properties of this beautiful wood. It covers everything about the different grades and characteristics of Goncalo Alves Wood. So Let's have a look.


What is Goncalo Alves

Goncalo Alves(Astronium spp.) also known as Tigerwood, Jobillo is a type of hardwood that is native to Mexico and South America. etc. 

Janka Hardness

2,170 lbf (9640 N)

Tree Size

100-130 ft

Goncalo Alves tree is reddish brown in color with irregularly spaced brown and black streaks in it. 

The grain of Goncalo Alves wood is straight however it is wavy or interlocked.

This irregular-grained feature of the Goncalo Alves causes it to be very challenging to work with. But also the wood itself is not very troublesome to work with despite its high density.

This Tigerwood turns and finishes nicely. Even though Goncalo Alves wood has a natural luster with a simple finish, adding a clear finish will only enhance its look. 

Tigerwood never produces any characteristic odor while working with it.


Features of Goncalo Alves

Goncalo Alves is referred to as Tigerwood because it is just like a tiger. The Goncalo Alves wood is tough, dense, and fierce, causes very difficult to work with. The Goncalo Alves wood can dull the machines and tools while working, due to its high hardness, strength, and stiffness. 

Among woodworkers, Higher grades of Goncalo Alves wood are referred to as “Jobillo”.

Goncalo Alves tree has high weathering capacities, and it is very durable regarding decay resistance. It is highly resistant to moisture rot and against the attack of pests and insects.

Tigerwood grows preferably in dry areas rather than wet climates.  

For a smooth finish, very much effort is not needed, due to the high natural oil content in the Goncalo Alves tree, the final product will get a quite good looking finish.


What is Goncalo Alves used for 

  • The unique coloration of Goncalo Alves wood makes it an exciting choice for any project requiring visual interest. The vibrant colors are often enhanced with stains or dyes to give them even more depth and richness. 


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  • Goncalo Alves being strong and durable makes it the perfect choice for many options, due to its durability l, making it ideal for furniture, countertops, and other products that need to stand up well to everyday wear and tear.


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  • As Goncalo Alves wood is one of the most sought wood for musical instruments.
  •  As such Tigerwood has become popular for use in acoustic guitars as well as violins and cellos. 
  • Musical Instruments made from Gonçalo Alves wood can have a loud volume with a good projection that still remains mellow enough for finger-style playing.
  • The Hardness of Tigerwood also offers scratch resistance which makes Goncalo Alves flooring attractive as flooring in homes with pets or children who may be prone to scuffing floors quickly or easily damaging softer surfaces. 
  • Goncalo Alves wood is also popular in boat building due to its natural weather resistance which provides extra protection against moisture damage when exposed to humid environments like marine conditions. 
  • Goncalo Alves strength makes it ideal for turning projects such as bowls, platters, vases and any other type of vessel form that requires resistance to water or temperature changes.


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Whether you are looking for something to give your special project a luxurious touch or want to maximize the life expectancy of your favorite pieces, Goncalo Alves wood may be just what you need. 

To learn more or acquire some of this beautiful material for your next project, visit Exotic Wood Zone today! With such a unique array of colors, hues, and densities, there’s no doubt Goncalo Alves Wood will add lasting beauty to any piece you create.