Gaboon ebony cutoffs - the new treasure island

Gaboon ebony cutoffs - the new treasure island


Lets just say that with some creativity, time and effort we could turn any leftover piece of wood to something useful to us. Sparing you the effort of researching project ideas. Here are 5 simple DIY ideas that you can do with your leftover scrap wood.

1)Skyline wall art

You could make so much abstract wall art using leftover wood pieces, if you want to go crazy. Kids could also help out in making their own versions of art using scrap wood pieces. But if you want something subtle and simple, a simple skyline art piece would do the trick. Align pieces of wood vertically of different heights to achieve a simple skyline art piece.

2)Wooden planters

Wooden planters are by far the most aesthetic thing you can make out of leftover wood. Be it in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, patio etc. These would just fit right in anywhere. Especially if they're made of wood then you don't need to worry about it matching to anything because, honestly wood goes with almost everything. Hollow out your piece of wood, sand it, seal it and voila you have yourself a wooden planter for any plant pots that you think need levelling up.

3)Phone stand

Wouldn't it be nice to watch something on our phone all day without holding the phone and rather holding a bowl of popcorn. Well then, just make a phone stand out of the wood that you were planning to throw out. A phone stand just requires a small piece of wood and would not require a big block. Create a slit on the wood to place your phone with ease and there you have it, your very own phone stand.

4) Scrap wood signs

Have you ever noticed that wooden sign boards look so much more pleasing to the eyes than fluorescent ones? Unless of course you are driving at night and you need the fluorescent ones to see in the dark. Wooden sign boards give that little edge that is just gorgeous. One ideas is you could paint over a sheet of with with chalk paint and use it as a board. Another one can be to just create vintage arrowhead board signs, just to hang in your room.

5)Storage crates

Don't worry we've got some ideas for larger scraps. You could nail larger, similar sized planks together to create this DIY storage crate. Just make sure to sand it down so that splinters are not present. These can be used in the kids room where things usually get messy and the best way for a quick clean up is just throwing everything into crates. 

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