Black Limba: Why you should be using it

Black Limba: Why you should be using it

Black Limba is a type of hardwood that comes from Africa. It is a beautiful wood with a dark brown color and an attractive grain pattern. It is becoming increasingly popular in the woodworking community, and for a good reason! 


We will discuss the benefits of using Black Limba lumber in your projects, and show you some examples of how it has been used successfully by other woodworkers.

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What is Black Limba

Black Limba also known as Limba, White Limba, or Korina is an African Hardwood that is known for its dark brown to black colored heartwood and light yellowish-brown sapwood. 

Black Limba wood has a coarse texture with interlocked grain patterns, giving it an attractive figure. It has a medium to low natural luster, similar to cherry wood. 

Black Limba is a lightweight wood, which makes it an easy wood for work.

This species of Black Limba hardwood has been used in the creation of guitars and other musical instruments, as well as furniture and home accents. 

Scientific Name 

Terminalia Superba


Tropical Western Africa

Janka Hardness

670 lbf (2990 N)

History of Black Limba

Due to wide availability and overharvesting Black Limba was in continuous supply in Tropical Western Africa. Despite of decreasing population of this Black Limba tree, this supply had continued for many decades.

Then Supply chains had been stopped one by one. African Black Limba wooden products were not available in the market anymore

Black Limba Lumber and wooden blanks were not available.  People decided to take immediate action against this because they don’t want Black Limba to be heard as a folklore or folk song by their children.

By the end of the 1950s people began to replant the trees. There were many plantations that has been dedicated only to Black Limba. 

Eventually, the population rate of Black Limba increased day by day. Now Black Limba has not been listed in either IUCN red list or CITES. Black Limba has been on the market for commercial purposes.

What is Black Limba used for

  • Black Limba has been used for centuries to make furniture, musical instruments, and other items


  • When used in furniture or musical instruments, black limba offers several advantages over other types of wood. For example, the darker color helps hide scratches or dents in the wood surface, while still allowing some fading over time that adds character to your piece.

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  • Black Limba is also widely used for architectural applications such as flooring, interior wall paneling, and outdoor decking.
  • In terms of musical instruments, Black Limba wood is primarily used for electric guitar bodies and bass guitars due to its strength and weight-to-volume ratio which allows them to produce rich low tones without compromising their lightweight form factor. 
  •  Black Limba is a highly versatile material that can be utilized across multiple industries whether it be crafting custom furniture pieces or creating acoustic guitars with stunning visual appeal.
  • Black limba lumber has several advantages over other hardwoods: it’s lightweight, easy to work with and takes a finish very well. In addition to its practical uses, black limba lumber is often used in artistic projects due to its beautiful coloration.

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  • Black Limba lumber can also be used outdoors for decking and other outdoor structures because of its natural resistance to insects and rot caused by moisture exposure

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique wood species for your next project, Black Limba is definitely worth considering! It has many great attributes that make it ideal for a variety of applications. Plus, it's just plain fun to work with! 

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