Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale - Exotic Wood Zone

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale - Exotic Wood Zone

Check out some of the amazing deals that we have to offer this Black Friday on all wood and lumber items. There's something for everyone. The amazing deals not just ends there, get free fingerboard with Guitar Body Blanks, Back and Sides and Drop Tops.

Guitar Back and Sides Sets

Guitar Back and Sides Sets

Attention Luthiers Get guitar back and sides that are made of rare exotic and domestic woods. Genuine honduran, Padauk, Leopardwood guitar back and side sets start at $49.99 and with every guitar back and side that you purchase you get a fingerboard made of top quality exotic wood for free.

Electric Guitar Body Blanks

Get some exotic woods for your next electric guitar that starts at $39.99 Our collection includes African Mahogany, Basswood, Alder and even more. All these are available in Semi Explorer and Explorer sizes. 

Some species that we have to offer are as below

  1. African mahogany is widely considered to be a sound substitute for Honduran Mahogany due to the many characters they have in common.
  2. The American basswood is the best and most sought after wood for beginners who are interested in trying their luck in wood carving. This is your chance.
  3. The wood of European Alder tends to be a light tan to auburn. Eventually, the color darkens and reddens with age that is especially thanks to overexposure of the wood to the daylight. 

Any body blank that you purchase from us, we take care of the planning and thickness according to your requirement for free. It does not end with that with every Body blanks that you purchase you get a free fingerboard.

Tone Woods

Top quality exotic woods that have great tonal characters that are suitable for many musical instruments. We offer more than 30 species of exotic and domestic wood. Headplates, bridge blanks etc are all available on sale.

Turning blanks, Bowl Blanks, Pepper mill blanks

More than 30 species of turning blanks, Bowl Blanks, and pepper mill blanks at amazing prices. Olivewood, osage orange, east indian rosewood, red heart etc are some of the species of turning /spindle blanks, bowl blanks, pepper mill blanks that we have to offer. These are available in different sizes according to your requirement. All our blanks are kiln dried and ready to be purchased. Get more for value by buying in bulk. 


Get your hands on the most exotic and rare burls with a whopping 50% off. These burls are imported from different parts of the world and hence have their unique characters. Chechen, Red Mallee Yellow box burls and many more exotic burls are at your fingertips.

Live edges and cookies

Get the most natural and rustic look possible for your projects with our rare and exotic live edges and cookies. African Blackwood, Olivewood, Bocote are some of the live edges and cookies that we have to offer. The best part is that this rustic looking live edges and cookies come with a 70% off so that you would not have to burn a hole in your pockets.

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