Best way to know more about East Indian Rosewood Tree

Best way to know more about East Indian Rosewood Tree

East Indian rosewood wood has been an important part of furniture building, instrument making, and other crafts around the world for centuries. The rich history and intricate beauty of this type of wood are truly remarkable. From its strong wood grain patterns to its unique dark red hue, East Indian rosewood is a truly special material that makes any project shine. 


What is East Indian Rosewood?

East Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia) is a Hardwood that is native to Indian Subcontinent. This dense wood is rich in the color of golden brown to deep colors with fine and medium textures and small pores in it. 

Scientific Name

Dalbergia Latifolia

Common Name

Bombay Blackwood

Janka Hardness

2440 lbf(10,870 N)


Southeast India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia

East Indian Rosewood tree has an intense aroma when it is freshly cut while worked on. 

Despite having many advantages, working with East Indian Rosewood is quite challenging for a woodworker. But we can see that many of them can be solved easily by hard work and effort.

Advantages of East Indian Rosewood tree


 One of the main properties of the East Indian rosewood tree is its durability.  The dense grain structure of East Indian Rosewood wood makes it incredibly strong and stable over time, meaning it will not degrade or warp with age or exposure to weather or moisture.

 Additionally, this East Indian Rosewood tree species is naturally resistant to insects, fungi, and decay meaning it can withstand outdoor elements without being prone to damage or deterioration. 

Aesthetic Appeal:

East Indian Rosewood has a deep red hue with dark streaks throughout, creating a beautiful contrast that complements any environment. 

The smooth texture of East Indian Rosewood wood makes it perfect for carving intricate patterns or shapes into the wood while maintaining its longevity over time. 

Acoustic Property:

East Indian Rosewood has excellent tonal qualities that make it an ideal material for musical instruments such as guitars, drums, violins and other stringed instruments. 


Common Uses of East Indian Rosewood

  • The East Indian Rosewood tree has many uses due to its dark and dense appeal with fine texture. The main use of East Indian Rosewood includes furniture due to its withstand nature for weathering conditions without needing frequent maintenance or replacement parts like some other materials might require after prolonged exposure to certain elements.
  • Due to its dark colour, East Indian Rosewood wood is also popularly used in making decorative pieces such as statues and sculptures that require a dark background or aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Musical instruments made from East Indian Rosewood wood include guitars, violins, cellos, and other stringed instruments. The soundboard of classical guitars is usually made from solid East Indian Rosewood due to its tonal characteristics. 
  •  East Indian Rosewood back and side sets which are traditionally made are strong and durable as well as the fingerboards on electric and acoustic guitars. Other fretted instruments such as mandolins also use a variant of this species called Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides.

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  • In addition to furniture construction and musical instruments, East Indian rosewood wood also makes great cutting boards and other kitchen implements due to its hard surface which resists knives better than softer woods like pine.
  • East Indian Rosewood wood is extensively used in boat building, due to it's strength when exposed to water and salt environments.


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  • Woodworkers always love Indian Rosewood for its ease of carving and the natural designs that they produce. Its rich and deep colors and swirling grain make each piece a unique and natural masterpiece. The turning blanks from East Indian Rosewood are always considered unique pieces. 
  • Due to the brown colour, East Indian Rosewood wood makes spectacular bowls that are each engraved with nature's designs. They can be used as kitchen bowls, cookware, or even simple and not-so-fancy showpieces.


    Have a look at these East Indian Rosewood Turning Blanks

  • In addition to wood project uses, the East Indian Rosewood tree is also widely used in the production of rosewood oil, which has many medical applications ranging from wound healing to skin care. 
  •  For generations, East Indian Rosewood has been a symbol of luxury and craftsmanship that is sure to make an unforgettable impression on any project. 
  •  Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or an enthusiastic beginner, investing in this prized East Indian Rosewood lumber could be the perfect way to bring your projects to the next level.

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