All things you need to know about Alder wood - Exotic Wood Zone

All things you need to know about Alder wood - Exotic Wood Zone

 Alder is a type of wood that is commonly used for furniture and other woodworking projects. It can be found in both hardwood and softwood varieties, with the most common species being Alnus glutinosa (European Alder). 

Generally speaking, alder is a lightweight yet durable material that is easy to work with. It is also renowned for its ability to accept stains evenly, making it suitable for finishes of all kinds. Like any woods, it also has many pros and cons.

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Let's discuss more clearly about Alder wood;

What is Alder wood?

Alder wood is also known as European Alder, Common Alder, and Black Alder is native to nearly the entire continental Europe (except for both the extreme north and south) as well as the united kingdom and Ireland.

European Alder is a soft, light wood that has an attractive appearance and close grain. The Alder wood tends to light tan to auburn in color.

 It's not as hard or strong compared to other woods in the hardwood group but it still maintains its popularity because of these qualities.

Alder tree wood is a soft and easy to work with wood. However, in some applications like tooling it may dent so care should be taken when using these types of machines or pieces if hardware made from this material are used for certain purposes only!

Common Uses:

  •  Alder wood widely used for furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and other projects.
  •  Natural Alder wood takes both paint and stain well, so it can be used to create a wide variety of color palettes depending on the desired look.
  • In addition to furniture-making, clear alder wood is commonly used in interior trim and millwork applications such as door frames, window sills and baseboards due to its strength and stability.
  • Due to long-lasting durability Alder doors, decks, pergolas, trellises and other exterior structures are very important.

What is Alder wood used for? (Pros)

Alders have been used by humans for centuries due to their many practical applications.

  • The alder tree wood has many uses including being an early pioneer species that helps stabilizes banks, floods management by limiting erosion and nutrient standing. 


  • European Alder is a simple and easy wood to work with. It's soft, but you have to be careful when cutting or dinging it because in some applications can cause damage on the surface of this type if furniture making material


  •  The wood from alder trees is light but strong, making it ideal for furniture construction and other household items such as cabinets and chests. 


  • It's valued in turnery or carving for making furniture with its versatility to create articles such windows, frames, clogs, toys ,blocks, pencils  and bowls etc.


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  • Black Alder wood is also traditionally used to make musical instruments because its porous nature makes it easy to shape into curves.
  • Alder wood guitar have a classic, vintage look that give it a timeless appeal. The grain pattern of the wood adds an attractive visual contrast to the instrument as well as providing extra sonic complexity. 


It also responds well to different finishing techniques, so many guitar makers opt for lacquer finishes or even custom paint jobs to give their creations an extra touch of personality.

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  • Alder Lumbers are ideal for cutting into intricate shapes or detailed designs. They take stains, sealants and finishes remarkably well as they have a high density that lends itself to absorbing these treatments while still maintaining a beautiful natural look. 


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  • Alder wood furniture has both traditional and modern look, it is very easy to finish and light weighted.
  • In addition to its uses in carpentry and woodworking, alder has numerous medicinal properties such as reducing inflammation in the body and increasing circulation. 


On the other hand, alder wood does have some downsides. Alder is typically only available in light colors such as yellow or pale brown, meaning it is not a great choice for projects that require a darker wood. 

Alder is also prone to warping, which can be a problem if the project involves intricate joints or curves.

Overall, Alder Wood has its pros and cons, as with any material. Alder wood is an affordable option that is easy to work with and resistant to shrinking and swelling. 

However, Alder tree wood is typically only available in light colors and can be prone to warping. Consider these pros and cons before deciding if Alder Wood is the right choice for your next project!

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