7 Woodworking Gift Ideas for your loved ones this Valentine's Day

7 Woodworking Gift Ideas for your loved ones this Valentine's Day

Gifting someone chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day is one thing. But just imagine gifting that one person that you care about something personal, something that took your dedicated time and attention.

Thinking about that person while you plan and make the perfect gift for the love of your life. It would show the other person how much you care for him/her. Also, the fact that these gifts would last for a long time and remind them of your love and care always. Here are 7 Woodworking Gift Ideas for your loved ones for this Valentine’s Day.

1. Wooden Docking Station 

This, might I say, is the coolest thing you can give him/her. A wooden docking station can be customized according to your needs. It can hold a mobile, wallet, keys, watches, etc. It's a perfect gift for those who like their place a little more organized. You can enlarge it how much ever you want or you can make it compact to fit your desk.

This will seriously give off a cool sophisticated look to your closet or bedrooms. And the best part is everything is within a grab and go range. You wouldn't have to hastily search for it anywhere you go. 

2. Bathroom caddy tray

During these times when life gets even busier with all the ‘work from home’, we all deserve smooth and relaxing long hot baths. With scented candles, books, a tall glass of champagne, some fragrant essential oils, and a long relaxing bubble bath.

A wooden bathroom caddy tray is a perfect gift for your loved one who you think should take some time off their busy schedules and find themselves again. This caddy tray can be customized to fit any size of the bathtub. It can also hold books or even an iPad if you don't feel like reading.

It has ample space to hold scented candles, your phone, and even a stand where you can rest your glass so everything is spill-proof.

3. Jewelry organizers

For your loved ones who love stocking up on all kinds of jewelry, this is the perfect gift to get them a little more organized. The best thing about a wooden jewelry organizer is that they won't react with any kind of jewelry and tarnish them even when they are wet.

These also can be customized to be placed on the wall, or a desk, or you can even incorporate them into a cupboard. All types of jewelry like chains, earrings, rings, etc.

4. Wood Lanterns 

Some people love to decorate their living space and are always on the lookout for something new and fresh. For those people, you could gift this personalized and handcrafted wooden lantern. These would add that touch of vintage look into the living space.

These wooden lanterns can be customized in so many ways. Some could be hanging, or the type that you could set on a side table. These could be used either for the fun outdoors or the calm indoors. You can also customize it in such a way that you can either use candles or lamps to light it.

5. Plant or Candleholders 

These could be a beautiful gift to liven up their living space with either tall candles or some fresh plants. These can be used to decorate corners, any side tables or they can make the most epic centerpiece for their dining tables which could turn into a wonderful topic for discussion.

As always their sizes can be customized to hold whatever type of candles or plants. From tall elegant candles to the tiniest and the cutest succulents these can hold anything. If your significant other loves succulents, gift one in a plant holder where they can use it to decorate their desk too.

6. Wooden Photo Gallery

I'm sure you guys would have made so many wonderful memories together that you would like to cherish and look back at. Select those wonderful memories and put them up on a blank wall with the help of these monochromatic wooden photo frames.

You can customize it however you please. It doesn't matter if all your photos are not of the same size. Play around with the orientation and find photo frames that match your arrangement the best. So that whenever you pass that wall you will always leave with a smile on your face.

7. Wooden kitchenware 

If your loved one loves to turn their kitchen into an A-class experimenting lab, then these should be your go-to present for them. Wooden kitchenware is so much easier than steel or any metal in some cases.

They can be handled well in high temperatures, they do not cause any damages or scratches to your cooking utensils, and they are quite easy to clean. This kitchenware can vary from spatulas, large ladles, serving spoons, soup spoons, cutting boards, etc. This gift would also let them know how much you appreciate their cooking.