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7 Unique Exotic Woods you should try your hands on for Woodturning

Wood Turning is an art or process of turning wood with the help of a lathe and handheld tools to carve out beautiful shapes. The wood lathe is a simple mechanism to create a variety of wooden forms just like the potter's wheel. Knobs, candlesticks, pens, bowls, platters, urns, chair seats, sculptures, etc are some among the items that can be produced using woodturning. The wood used in this technique should possess certain qualities like smoother finishing, fine-grained texture, rot resistance, etc. We are going to discuss the details of 7 unique exotic kinds of wood that are best in woodturning.

  • Gaboon Ebony

    Even though it’s hard to work with hand or machine tools, Gaboon Ebony is an excellent choice for woodturning, carving, inlays, etc. This Western African wood native is dense, hard, and heavy with fine texture. The heartwood of Ebony is jet-black with occasional brown streaks. Gaboon Ebonies can tear out machines and the high oil content can make the gluing process difficult. But the high-end durability, luster, and perfect finishing make this wood a favorite choice for woodturners. 

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  • Purpleheart
  • The name Purpleheart came from the nature of the wood since the heartwood turns deeper purple when cut down and exposed to sunlight. Purpleheart is highly durable to rot resistance and insect attacks. The major attraction for this wood is its wide availability in the market at cheap rates. The natural luster makes it good for woodturning. This Latin American hardwood is famous for furniture and boat building, flooring, and heavy construction.

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  • Pink Ivory
  • This Southern African wood native is one of the rarest beauty in the world and sometimes referred to as “rarer than diamonds”. Pink Ivory is well known for its hardness, stiffness, fine texture, and excellent weathering characteristics. Pink Ivory has a blunting effect on cutting edges and is almost expensive as Gaboon ebony. Although it’s difficult to work using hand tools, this wood is one of the finest for turning and carving. It has high finishing and polishes well. 

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  • Olivewood
  • The color of heartwood is somewhat cream or yellowish-brown with dark streaks. The wood becomes darker, rich in color, and gets beautiful with aging. Olivewood, due to its unique grain pattern, working characteristics, and hardness are the best for woodturning. Olivewood releases a distinct fruity smell while working.

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  • Zebrawood
  • The light cream color of heartwood with dark strips resembles zebra stripes and hence its name. Zebrawood has resistance to insect attacks and is used for making tool handles, furniture and boat parts. It finishes well, making a good choice for woodturning.

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  • Leopardwood
  • This wood is difficult to work with due to its tendency to tear out while planing and high density. The flecked decorative surface of the wood is the reason for its name. Leopardwood are not so costly compared to the other woods on the list. The distinctive decorative surface of the wood makes it a good choice for woodturning.

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  • Kingwood

    It has high resistance towards decay and termites. Kingwood is dark reddish or dark purplish in color. The natural oils in Kingwood make it difficult in glueing. It has a distinct odor(like rosewood) while working and turns very well which makes it a good choice for woodturning. This high density, extremely strong Brazilian wood is very expensive and rare.

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