10 Woodworking ideas with thin dimensional lumber

10 Amazing Woodworking Ideas with Thin Dimensional Lumber

Thin Dimensional lumber is used in many ways out of which, we are guiding you through 10 amazing Ideas that you can try at home. 


Whether you are planning for a romantic dinner at your home, or you own a beautiful cafe, this item is one charmer who can capture all the attention. They are costly and gives a royal look to the place where it is kept. Different types of lanterns like hanging lanterns, wall fix lanterns, table lanterns can be made with thin dimensional lumber. Wooden lanterns can be used in your front porch, living or dining area, showcase or you can gift a pair to your friend.

Wooden Lantern

Plant wall

Beautiful wall plants need beautiful wall holders. We can easily make wooden plant holders for decorating the wall using thin lumber. They are attractive as well as a great source of income!


If you are skilled enough to carve shapes in a small piece of wood, you can easily make beautiful pendants and keychains. The shapes can be your favorite comic star or your dream vehicle. Or you can customize them for a friend by making his/her photo print on the keychain. For beginners, its easy to make shapes like star, circle, etc.

Jewelry boxes

Jewels are for special occasions. When we gift them to our special people, make a custom touch for it by carving a beautiful jewelry box. How special the other will feel seeing their name carved in the box? Maple lumber is good for making an elegant wooden jewelry box. 

Wooden Jewellery Boxes

Garden signboards

If you have a garden with exotic flowers and greenery, then it should contain some fancy wooden signboards! Redwood, Cedarwood, etc are good for making signboards. They can take your garden to a whole new level.

Wooden Garden Sign

Coffee table

Small and elegant are the two words to describe a coffee table. You can easily make one whether your skills are amateur or expert level. Oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, walnut, etc are most suitable for coffee tables.

Wooden Coffee Table

Wall shelves

Wooden shelves can give your study room a classy touch! Create a homemade wooden wall shelf using cherry, mahogany, or red oak that can store books, utensils, accessories, etc.

Wooden Wall Shelves

Hanging bird nests

If you have a garden, then there will be some flying guests too! Try making small wooden bird nests for your bird friends. Keep some snacks and water inside and treat them well! Pine, cedar, redwood, etc are best for making amazing bird nests that can amplify the beauty of your garden.

Wooden Bird House

Wooden cup coaster

Sometimes coffee stains on the table can be a headache. Plastic/fiber coasters are fancy looking but they are cheap in quality and are not eco friendly. Let’s replace them with authentic wood! It’s very easy to make wooden coasters in various shapes. Hardwoods like maple, oak, mahogany are mainly used due to their durability.

Wooden Cup Coaster

Wall art

Decorate your walls with wooden art pieces. You can create basic shapes to advanced level crafting based on your expertise. These wall arts can highlight the beauty of the room as well as the artist in you.

Wooden Wall Art