10 amazing easy woodworking DIYs for mom

10 amazing easy woodworking DIYs for mom

A Mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. These words were emotionally quoted by Cardinal Mermillod. Therefore this mother’s day let's set aside the chocolates and flowers for once and give them something that will always remind them of the time and effort you have put for them.

We present you gift ideas covering 

1. Wooden propagation station - To keep an eye on her plantlings

If your mother has a green thumb and tends to propagate plants at home then this wooden propagation station would make her day. This not only fulfills the use of propagation but also functions as a cute decor to have indoors. A propagation station does not require so many materials. A block of wood, some test tubes, some tools that you will probably have on hand and you are ready to go. Red oak would make for a beautiful propagation station. 

2. Butterfly house - To keep butterflies company

This would be a great addition for her garden and she would love every part of it. This would also be an interesting and fun activity for her. Butterfly houses are used to attract butterflies, to encourage them to take shelter from harsh climate or even enemies. So you can also be proud of the fact that you are doing a small bit to help the environment. Cedar wood is a great choice for this diy project.

3. Wooden coasters - To keep her drinks safe

These would come in handy both and decor pieces and keep the table neat and tidy. To make wooden coasters you can go for two completely different feelings and looks. If your mom likes a more woody, rustic, and natural aesthetic then woods like fir, cedar, and pine would be optimum. But if your mom likes to take it up a notch with a little bit of class and refined look then alder, beech, hickory, mahogany, maple, and oak would be suitable.

4. Charcuterie Board - To keep her guests entertained

This gift literally screams to have a fun brunch with your friends and have fun. Sometimes that is exactly what moms miss, fun. Teak is a water-resistant and long-lasting hardwood that is a really good sustainable option. This wood is perfect for serving because of all of these qualities, as well as its beautiful designs. Another common option is acacia, which is known for its elegance, longevity, and sustainability. Since it's a semi-hardwood, your knives will have an easier time slicing through delicious meats and cheese for show.

5. Jewelry organizers - To keep her jewelry organised

For those moms who love stocking up on all kinds of jewelry, this is the perfect gift to get them a little more organized. The best thing about a wooden jewelry organizer is that they won't react with any kind of jewelry and tarnish them even when they are wet. These also can be customized to be placed on the wall, or a desk, or you can even incorporate them into a cupboard. All types of jewelry like chains, earrings, rings, etc. Oak , pine, poplar, and brazilian yellowheart are some of the popular woods used to make jewellry boxes and organisers. 

6. Spice rack organisers - To keep her spices at hand

A spice rack organiser is essential if your mom loves experimenting with different flavours. They make it so much easier to find what you are looking for all the more quickly. Oak is highly recommended for undertaking this project.

7. Mini greenhouse - To keep her plants healthy

This mini greenhouse is a great alternative if your mom’s backyard doesn't have the space for a huge walk in one. To save time and effort in building, it is built from cedar boards and a repurposed window. The hinged lid is ideal for allowing air to circulate and acclimating seedlings before planting them in the garden. With simple power tools, you can build this greenhouse in a couple of hours.

8. Bathroom caddy tray - To keep her relaxed and at ease of mind

This gift tells your mom that it is okay to put herself before others sometimes. That she, like everyone else, deserves some pampering. With scented candles, books, a tall glass of champagne, some fragrant essential oils, and a long relaxing bubble bath. This caddy tray can be customized to fit any size of the bathtub. It can also hold books or even an iPad if you don't feel like reading. It has ample space to hold scented candles, your phone, and even a stand where you can rest your glass so everything is spill-proof.

9. Plant or Candleholders - To keep her in a state of serenity

These might be a lovely present for your mother, as she can use them to brighten up her living space with tall candles or live plants. These can be used to decorate corners, side tables, or create the most epic centrepiece for their dining tables, which could become a great conversation starter. As always, their dimensions can be adjusted to accommodate any kind of candle or herb. These can hold anything from tall elegant candles to the tiniest and cutest succulents.. 

10. Wooden kitchenware - To keep reminding her that she's the world’s best chef

This should be your go-to gift for your mother if she enjoys turning her kitchen into an A-class experimenting lab. They can withstand high temperatures, cause no harm or scratches to your cooking utensils, and are relatively simple to clean. Spatulas, big ladles, serving spoons, soup spoons, cutting boards, and other kitchenware are examples. This gift will also show them how much you value all of their time and effort in preparing some of your favourite meals.