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What is Basswood? Features and Uses


Basswood(Tilia)is an important genus of trees mostly found in Eastern North America. It consists of around thirty species and has several varieties, such as the American Basswood (Tilia americana), Carolina Basswood (Tilia Caroliniana), and Silver Linden (Tilia tomentosa). 

Each variety exhibits unique characteristics that make them ideal for various uses within landscapes or construction projects and so on.

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What is Basswood?

Basswood is a tree that is found in North America. The American Basswood tree is the most common type of Basswood tree. 

Basswood has many uses, but it is most commonly used for woodworking projects. Basswood is a strong and durable wood, which makes it perfect for furniture, cabinets, and other high-end woodworking projects.

Scientific Name

Tilia Americana

Tree size

60-120 ft

Dried weight capacity

26 lbs/ft3(415 kg/m3)

Janka Hardness

410 lbf (1820 N)


Basswood is an ideal wood for many wood carvers and carpenters. The soft texture and absence of Basswood grains sometimes make it an easy wood for working.

Common Uses:

 Basswood is commonly used for carvings, musical instruments, plywood, veneer, toys, and fiber products. Etc

What is basswood used for

  • Basswood tree is mainly used for woodworking projects. Being a soft wood, Basswood is an excellent choice for carving and molding projects.


  • It is light in weight yet still strong and durable, making it ideal for intricate and detailed carvings. 
  • Basswood can be easily carved with both hand tools and power tools, so it is a great choice for both novice carvers as well as experienced woodworkers.
  • Basswood lumber is a popular choice among woodworkers due to its light weight and fine grain. It is frequently used for making furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments and toys. The wood is also used in hardwood floors, paneling and trim work.


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  •  It has a natural light color that can be stained or finished to match any other type of wood.
  • Basswood is especially popular when used in furniture construction, such as chairs, beds, dressers, cabinets, tables, and so on. Its softer texture makes it easier to shape into the desired form than harder materials like oak or mahogany.


  • Basswood is a popular wood choice for many acoustic projects due to its light weight, straight grain, and moderate cost.
  •  It is commonly used in guitars, violins, lutes, and other stringed instruments. It is also often used to make soundboards for acoustic pianos, as well as the neck and body of electric guitars.


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  • The other uses of Basswood tree lies within the parts, such as Basswood flower is used for making tea because of the sweet nectar. All other parts such as stem, root, and leaves have medicinal properties.

When working with Basswood, it’s important to use the right tools and techniques. Basswood is a soft wood and can be easily damaged if worked incorrectly. 

Overall, Basswood is an excellent choice for your next woodworking project. Basswood’s combination of affordability, strength, durability, and natural resistance make it the perfect option for any woodworking project. 

Basswood is also easy to work with, so no matter your skill level, you can create beautiful projects using Basswood

So if you’re looking for a  versatile material for your next woodworking project, Basswood is the perfect choice! 

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