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Yellow Box Burls

Yellow box burl is a unique exotic wood with a lot of exciting features. Australian Yellow Box Burls is medium size hardwood which grows on tablelands and inland slopes. It’s mostly found in Victoria and Queensland. The wood is dense and polishes to provide an excellent finish.

It’s generally available as Burl Caps and sawn burl blocks. The yellow box is difficult to work but it has excellent strength and durability. The wood is prized for its unique beauty and available in limited amounts. The wood lumber is usually harvested for outdoor projects and it has limited usage in woodworking. The fine texture and attractive color make it the right choice for unique applications.

Exotic Wood Zone offers wide varieties of Australian Yellow Box Burls

Wood species Australian Yellow Box
Scientific name Eucalyptus melliodora
Weight 1075 kg/m3
Color Light pink to brown. Sapwood is blonde or yellow
Texture Medium to coarse texture. Straight to Interlocked grain pattern
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Turning objects and special wood items

The timber of yellow box is commonly used for making knife and gun grips, turned objects, and small specialty objects. There will be some standard health issues when you work timbers because of wood dust. Except for these common health issues, there will not be any additional health problems associated with yellow box burls. However, lots of species within Eucalyptus genus cause some allergic reactions. You should adopt some safety measures while doing woodworking projects.

You will get the exact same image that you see in the picture.

Please Note:  Due to the nature of burls, this wood may have checks or small cracks that may be visible or may not be visible.  This is the nature of this type of wood and some checking should be expected.