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Canarywood Turning Wood Blank

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    Buy Canarywood Turning Wood Blank/ Pool Cue Blank/ Spindle Blank

    Wood Specification

    Wood Name Canarywood, Canary
    Botanical Name Centrolobium spp.
    Length Available in 6 to 24 inches
    Width Available in 1 to 2 inches
    Thickness Available in 1 to 2 inches
    Dried Yes, Kiln Dried
    Moisture Content 6-7%
    Shipping Restrictions No
    Return 60-Day Free Return

    • Grain : Grain is typically straight, but can be irregular or wild on some pieces. Uniform fine to medium texture with good natural luster.
    • Color : Heartwood color can vary a fair amount, from a pale yellow-orange to a darker reddish brown, usually with darker streaks throughout. Pale yellow sapwood is sharply demarcated from heartwood.
    • Strength & Durability : Canarywood, a hardwood with moderate hardness and high density, is ideal for woodworking projects due to its resistance to denting, wear, impact, abrasion,