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Western Red Cedar Tops

Cedar is probably the most popular wood material for guitar tops. It has emerged as one of the interesting tonewood for players looking for a specific sound. It’s less dense compared to spruce tops. This makes the top produce quieter tones louder with less sustain. It requires a careful and accurate touch. People love the sweet and extended harmonic content of this guitar top.

This tonewood produces excellent tone with light touch. It’s a very good alternative to spruce tops. Cedar tops amplifies the sound and tone in a mesmerizing way, which is loved by most of the fingerstyle players. The wood has a smooth-textured surface and looks even more ravishing after finish.

Wood species Western Red Cedar
Scientific name Thuja plicata
Weight 370 kg/m3
Color Reddish to pinkish brown with random bands of brown areas.
Texture Medium to coarse texture. Straight grain pattern
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Musical instruments