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White Ash Wood Pen Blanks

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    White Ash Pen Blanks For Turning

    White Ash wood pen blanks offer a compelling combination of features that make them a popular choice for crafting exquisite writing instruments. Kiln dried to perfection, these blanks exhibit exceptional stability and reduced moisture content, ensuring that your finished pen will maintain its form and beauty over time. The wood's color showcases a delightful pale cream to light brown hue, which exudes a timeless elegance. What truly sets White Ash apart is its captivating grain and pattern, characterized by pronounced straight lines and occasional wavy sections that create a harmonious interplay of visual intrigue. Whether turned into a classic ballpoint or a sophisticated fountain pen, White Ash pen blanks bring a touch of nature's artistry to your writing experience, making every stroke a true delight.

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    Wood Name White Ash, American White Ash
    Botanical Name Fraxinus americana
    Length 5 to 6 inches 
    Width 3/4 inch (19.05 mm