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Engelmann Spruce Tops

Engelmann Spruce top is very much similar to Sitka Spruce with minute differences that can be recognized by expert luthiers. This Spruce top yields a mature tone and rich midrange than Sitka tops. Engelmann stand out for its mesmerizing sound which resembles an old guitar tone. Old growth Engelmann have a smooth and refined tone which is under the verge of extinction.

Engelmann top looks good on all guitar models especially classic guitars and people who love the memories old guitars. Engelmann tops are less available in the market because of its small and crooked tree shape. It’s easy to work, if it’s free from knots. It glues and finishes well.

Wood species Engelmann Spruce
Scientific name Picea engelmannii
Weight 385 kg/m3
Color Cream to white color with occasional hint of red
Texture Fine even texture. Consistently straight grain pattern.
Shipping No restrictions.
Recommendations Musical instruments soundboards