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Black Walnut Guitar Fingerboard Blank

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    Buy Guitar Fingerboard/Banjo Fretboard Blanks | Guitar Parts/Musical Luthier Tonewoods For Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars | Tonewood Supplier In USA

    A black walnut guitar fingerboard that has been kiln dried showcases a rich and deep color palette ranging from chocolate brown to dark purplish-black. The grain of the wood is characterized by elegant, straight lines interspersed with occasional wavy patterns, creating a visually appealing and unique texture. This wood often features a mix of lighter sapwood and darker heartwood, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The combination of the kiln-dried treatment and the wood's inherent characteristics results in a stable and resonant fingerboard choice that not only looks striking but also contributes to the overall tonal quality of the guitar.

    We Are Selling Different Sizes Of Fingerboards: Mandolin/Ukulele, Classical/Steel String, Steel String/Electric, 4 String Bass, 5 String Bass, 6 String Bass, and Wide/7 String, you can choose which size you want to buy.


    Wood Name Black Walnut, American Black Walnut
    Botanical Name Juglans nigra
    Length Available in 12 to 28 inches
    Width Available in 2 to 3-3/4 inches
    Thickness 3/8 inches
    Dried Yes, Kiln Dried
    Moisture Content 6% to 7%
    Shipping Restrictions No