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Guitar Back and Side sets

Our Back and side sets with beautiful grains are designed to add value to your life. And this Black Friday sale, all the Back and side sets are going in a jaw-dropping offer! and two can be purchased for the price of one. 

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Guitar Fingerboards

To make the right notes, You must keep your hands in the right position. For that, you must need a Unique Fingerboard. 

If you are someone who doesn’t like heavy fingerboards. 

Then this one will be perfect for you. You can buy 2 for the price of one. These magnificent Fingerboards are the choice of millions of luthiers around the USA. Let’s have a look!

Guitar Carved tops

You’ll be wondered by the quality of our Guitar carved tops this Black Friday!!  And don't just take my word for it! Add these beauties to your cart now and get a great deal while supplies last!"

Guitar Drop Tops

A quality drop-top will add resonance and depth to your guitar's sound, making your playing even more enjoyable. You won’t regret this Black Friday as Grinch did! 

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Get Guitar Neck Blanks with Free Headplate/ Bridge Blank and  Guitar Body Blanks with Free Fingerboards. Plus Pre-cut Guitar Body Blanks with Fingerboards for a limited time only!!

Catch 5 Board feet of Lumber of Africa’s Spalted Tamarind which has a rich deep colour on Orders above 149.99$ with any other Exotic or Domestic  Lumber Boards!

A limited amount of this special board is available and it's only offered to those who place an order before the sale ends

Huge savings on combo packs of thin dimensional lumber boards! 

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You can also get a great deal on Combo packs of ¾” lumber boards and cutting board blocks.  We offer huge discounts if you buy more than one item at once!

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Turning blanks, Pepper Mill Blanks, Bowl Blanks

We offer 2 Turning blanks, Bowl Blanks, and pepper mill blanks for the price of one!!

Purpleheart, Poplar, Ash, Cherry, and Black Palm Turning blanks, Bowl Blanks, and pepper mill blanks are the types that we have available in different sizes for your Convenience - they're all Kiln-dried and Ready to be purchased! 

Stop stressing over finding the perfect bottle stopper blank and Knife Blanks.     

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 Burls are a type of wood that can be used to make beautiful pieces. It has been said they're one-of the finest woods around, and we agree! 

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