A Rare Look at Gaboon Ebony: The World's Most Expensive Wood - A Guide from Exoticwoodzone

A Rare Look at Gaboon Ebony: The World's Most Expensive Wood - A Guide from Exoticwoodzone

Gaboon ebony is a rare and expensive wood because it's mostly found in tropical rainforests. The soil needs to be moist or fertile, like the lower altitudes of land where these trees grow at an altitude between 500 - 1100 meters above sea level (1640-3500 feet). If you're looking for some amazing turning blanks that will bring your projects together beautifully then head over now! 

Gaboon Ebony is a type of blackwood that has been prized for its appearance and sound since the 19th century. The name " Gabona" comes from West Africa's area where this wood was first discovered, while 'ebon' refers to dark coloration or finish on it (hence why these two combined create what we know today). High demand in America during Victorian times led traders to establish trade routes between ports such as New York City which resulted in a significant amount of hoards being transported across seas by ship; bringing them straight here - directly onto our shores!

Wood details 

Gaboon Ebony is a hard, black wood with little variation or visible grain. It's Interlocked pattern can be seen throughout most pieces of this exotic material and occasional brown streaks appear as well to it! The luster on gabones has been noted for being very high natural which gives them an even textured feel in your hands when working around the piece you're trying to cut from them

Gaboon Ebony wood is one of the most valuable, exceptional and expensive woods in this world. It has an enchanting texture with deep black shade that gets more beautiful when it's finished by teeth-qualified professionals who know how to work their magic on these hard surfaces for centuries old creations made from them over time periods ranging anywhere between 60 - 200 years depending upon its condition at harvest stage or proximity within geographical location

Gaboon Ebony is an excellent wood for many different applications because of its durability and strength. The high oil content can sometimes create problems when gluing, but then again this exotic material responds well to steam bending making it perfect finishing woods with luster polish that are both durable as well handed in nature!

How it is imported 

The international union for conservation of nature and natural resources (IUCN) has listed the Gaboon Ebony Wood species as being in danger. They say that this wood, which comes from Africa's tropical rainforests where it can measure up to 30 feet tall with a trunk diameter exceeding 8 inches across - is now protected by law due to past exploitation practices unsustainable harvesting rates leading them towards extinction; but thanks largely because someone took action before things got too far out-of hand!

The trade in Gaboon Ebony is now highly controlled under an international agreement designed to protect wild fauna and flora whose populations have been reduced by export. The wood from this tree, which can be found only on Cape Verde Island off the coast of West Africa has been listed as endangered due its reduction over 50% within three generations caused exclusively through exploitation - meaning there are not enough trees left for both extraction AND regeneration (the living process).

The search for jet black Gaboon Ebony has been relentless. This hard to find wood is carried out by manual labor in Africa and not possible with large lumber slabs that would need transportation from the interior forests, but only a 30-40 inch log can be taken as it leaves these woods making them precious indeed!

The high price of ebony is due to its hard, strong and black color. The low supply combined with a lot that grow in third world countries makes it valuable for many people all over the world who want this beautiful wood but can't afford or get enough because there's just too few trees available on our planet already!


Gaboon Ebony is an invaluable resource for all kinds of craftwork and ornamental items. People use it to make sculptures, crosses, figurines or chess pieces; musical instrument parts like piano keys and guitar picks as well as accessories such eyewear frames watches rings home furniture trimming cabinets decorative bowls vanes inlays 

Gabouny ebon provides us with plenty more opportunities than just these four though!


Gaboon Ebony trees are rare and difficult to find. They do not grow under closed cover or thick stands, preferring a more solitary existence where they can compete with other plants for sunlight without being 328 cooperative about its usage quite so much -- this characteristic largely derives their inability to compete against neighboring vegetation since these roots need deep rich soils in order to be viable. A Gaboons’s longevity varies depending on the environment it lives within; however an average lifespan has been estimated at 70-200 years before maturing into usable size (depending upon how old you want your final product!)

Gaboon Ebony is a type of fruit that can be eaten when it's fresh, dried or turned into porridge. The Gabonians use this wonderful resource to make their favorite alcoholic drinks like beer and wine!

Why is it expensive? 

Ebony trees are some of the most luxurious and expensive woods in existence. They have a beautiful grain pattern that you won't find with any other type, their durability means they can last for centuries without showing signs or weariness from age while still remaining smooth to touch even after years upon decade spent under pressure; finally there's Ebongo!, which has been known as one-of -a kind due its natural beauty alone (and not just because people pay top dollar). This could be why we've seen such high demand when looking at prices per pound!

Why it’s rare and hard to find 

The people of Tanzania and Mozambique have been making a living for generations by carving wood from Gaboon Ebony trees. It is said that 60,000 - 80 thousand carvers are able to subsist off this one source alone; but there's always those who want more than what they've got! Several international attempts have been made in order to protect these natural resources against exploitation including laws which limit how much any given piece may fetch on export markets when cut into pieces or boards depending upon size needs..

The price of Gaboon ebony wood is determined by its limited habitat, slow growth rate and high demand. This has led to it becoming one the most expensive types in existence with a typical street value around 15k USD per piece

The output tone should be professional

Exotic Wood Zone is proud to offer a wide range of products made from the rare and expensive Gaboon Ebony. This hardwood has several benefits that make it special, such as being able withstand high temperatures without warping or burning up due to its Figure wood appearance which resembles tiger's skin in texture with an oil finish like silk cloth attached at one end - this creates natural light when cuts across even surfaces giving off deep black contrast against bright white rings around pores making dark areas seem more profound than they actually are! 

With these superior qualities comes great responsibility so be sure not only enjoy them but also remember where exactly you found yours because there may come times.