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Year end sale

Farewell 2022

2022, a year filled with emotions, experiences, beginnings and ends are coming to its final days. We learnt, taught, shared whatever we had to others, enjoying the festive seasons holding hands of each other. 

As we move on to the next chapter, come with us to explore some exciting deals and offers before we bid farewell to the year 2022.

 Back and side sets


The tone woods as its name suggests, is the important factor in an instrument, especially the acoustic ones. The configuration of the wood is essential in the tone produced from a guitar. When the guitar string is plucked, it starts to vibrate from which some of its energy dissipates into the air around it and the rest of the energy transfers to the guitar’s bridge and soundboard. The soundboard of the guitar top amplifies the sound of vibrating strings which boosts the volume and projection of the tone. The guitar’s back acts as a secondary soundboard by adding extra depth and projection. The sides provide a solid and rigid connection between the back and the soundboard.

Each wood, according to its thickness and patterns of the grains, produces different tones pleasing to the ears. Some produce high mid-range, open sounding, compressed stones, high and low ends and one of the important factors, its bass tone. 

Choosing the best collection of back and side sets for your guitar is made easier at our Exotic Wood Zone along with a free fingerboard. 

Body Blanks 


Electric guitar produces sound through electromagnetic induction. Even though the sound  produced by converting vibrations to electrical signals, wood does play a major role in the tone produced. The sound produced by an electric guitar varies according to the material used for the body. 

The wood’s density, hardness, durability affects its tones. The bending of the guitar neck also changes the proportion as a whole which can be rectified by the choice of the perfect wood. For instance, Alder is a semi- light wood with 550 kg/cm2 which is considered to be the best wood for an electric guitar. Likewise, heavier woods like mahogany resonate differently than a medium- bodied wood like Alder and a lighter wood like basswood.

The best choice is not so far. We have some of the best collection of body blanks. Also don't forget to grab your free gifts.

 Pre-Routed Bodies 


Electric guitar has a unique identity in the way it looks apart from its tone. The shape of the guitar body affects how it resonates the tone, how easy it is to sit and stand with as well as the access to the fret. The thicker and heavier the wood, the better resonance with great sustain will be produced in the tone. 

The ease in which the body shape matters is to stand holding the guitar. Also the shape of the guitar impacts on the access to the easy access to the fret. Different shapes provide different levels of accesibility. 

In Exotic Wood Zone, we produce the finest quality pre-routed guitar bodies using the best domestic and exotic hardwoods. We also offer a wide variety of designs and an astonishing collection of wood species. Also, we customise guitar bodies according to your needs with free gifts included.



Lumber boards are one of the most prominent products in construction framing and finishing. From wall framing to making furniture, lumber has a major role to play. Different species of lumber have different properties to it. 

The American black walnut has been considered to be one of the most solid hardwoods as it has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. These properties give it the specialty in the manufacture of furniture. Having fine grain structure and a moderate density, astonishing working properties are attainted.

This is just one of the species among the many. The wide variety of species of lumbers helps you choose what is best for your needs like furniture, cabinetry, interiors. I mean , who doesn't love a good finishing touch to their lovely homes. Choose wise and look nice, with great discounts.




Burls are the growths located near the roots, in the middle of a tree or even in a ring all the way around the tree, moreover like spherical bulges that are covered in bark. Some scientists believe that burls are formed as a result of some sort of a trauma to the trees like an insect infestation or a fungus attack. Other groups believe that certain trees may have a genetic predisposition of forming burls as a result of certain environmental factors like presence of certain minerals in the soil. 

Even though these theories aren’t proven, craftsmen have brought out the beauty of burls and proven they are much more than just an outgrowth but much more through their craftsmanship.

Furniture like side tables, headboards; picture frames, sculptures are marvellous creations made out of burls to name a few. Different species, having different properties, brings out different wonders.

Exotic Wood Zone gives you up to 50% off on every purchase of the burls. So come on, let's discover something new.

Live Edges  & Cookies


The best option for your DIYs !!! 

They are really the best option for your different furniture or accent pieces. Stools, tables giving a contemporary finished yet not finished type, added with metal pieces to stand on, gives a definition to your home or wherever you are pleasing to place. 

The crosscut pieces come in different sizes and shapes also come in different species. As it's common to all the woods, different species bring different properties which makes your creatives stand out.

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 Neck Blanks


The neck, where the fingerboards are placed, are a major part of an instrument. The smooth the neck is, it becomes easier for the hands to flow. The neck of a guitar helps shape the instrument's acoustic voice, along with the body, bridge, fingerboard, and strings.

Different species of wood used for necks brings different tonality to the guitar. In most cases, harder materials such as maple produce a bright, clear sound. Mahogany and other softer wood impart more warmth. 

Varied thickness and materials are used in the production of different types of guitars like acoustic, electric, bass to name a few. Make the right choice from Exotic Wood Zone and earn more gifts.


Pepper mill 


Pepper mill blanks are perfect for your DIYs. You can shape your own ideas to even gift your loved ones. The addition to your kitchen is also an easy access for you. 

The wood turns, glues and finishes well giving out the perfect shape of your pepper mill.

Exotic wood zone brings you air dried pieces from different species of pepper mill for you to get started right away. Also, don't forget on The Buy One Get One Free offer where you can choose your own gift species. Yay!!!



Wine can’t be let open like that. The beauty, the essence needs to be stored inside the bottle. It is important to select the wood with an excellent grain pattern in order to be able to have a fine polish. 

Bottle stopper is a simple project yet it gives a definition to the wine bottle. With the fine finishing touches, you can paint, customise according to your own tastes. It doesn't stop you from making bottle stoppers but lo can make small creatives which you can even gift to your loved ones.

Get your air dried, ready to work bottle stoppers from Exotic Wood Zone and get one free.

Knife blanks 


Knife, being a sharp and quite dangerous tool, is an unavoidable kitchen accessory. It needs to be handled with care while using it daily. With a better handle, we are in the same zone in the game. If the handle is not good, we can't help but create accidents ourselves.

Choosing the best knife blank is essential to create a comfortable touch. It doesn't end in just the knife holders. The blanks can be used for making wood handles as such in vehicles, instruments and ship’s wheel.  

There are different species in different sizes just in store for you with great discounts on the sale.

Bowl blanks


Bowl blanks as the name suggests brings out bowls giving quite a finishing look to it. Thes  blanks can be used in a lathe to build your desirable woodworking designs. They can be also used in  the making of spindles, tables, or other furniture legs, and also for other small turnings.

Try out with different species of bowl blanks to create vases, urns or whatever your heart desires.

Numerous options are available at Exotic Wood Zone with great discount offers. Add to your cart, quick!!!